Well, as you can see. I have made some major changes to the site. Please, and I know this is a strange request, refrain from linking the site for about a week until I do a major release. The reason being, I know the site is going to be buggy at first and I am going to have a lot of stuff to iron out. I am wholly new to the CSS and PHP game as well as WordPress. So, for now please use Firefox or Safari since those are the browsers I developed for. I don’t even have a machine where I can test Explorer, but I know it will be buggy on Explorer. I know it will be wonky on older versions of Explorer for sure, but all I can say is update to Vista or make the switch to Firefox. We are talking web 3.0 here, no more old school nonsense. The future is now and there is no turning back.

Anyway, send me any comments you would like for now about improvements or if you know how to fix the issues with Explorer, let me know that too. I make no claims at being a web designer so it is always tough for me switching site formats. I think WordPress is a great place to go right now though and I am really exited about the possibilities. Thank you for your patience.

Also, the work sections are no where near complete yet. The images are on my server, they are just waiting to be posted. So keep checking back at the work section as it will be quickly filling up over the next several days.

written by Christopher