Monster Gifs

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Illustrator David Huyck has created some fun looping animated gifs just in time to celebrate Halloween. They are deceptively simple in how they are rendered but the actual animations are pretty clever.

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Emilio Gomariz

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Spanish industrial designer and art director Emilio Gomariz has what could be described as a wildly varied portfolio. His animated gif series entitled Extremity is of particular interest. The images are ‘tridimensional collages’ utilizing 3D models (bodies) which Gomariz found floating around the internet.

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Brandon Jan Blommaert: Updates

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Oh snizzap, it’s time for animated gifs but these are special because they come from the mind of master animated gif artist Brandon Jan Blommaert. He keeps updating with more and more amazing examples of what he is carving out as a unique niche for himself.

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I Am Not An Artist

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A total of 56 animated gifs were created for ELISAVA School of Design’s annual campaign for ‘I Am Not An Artist‘. The gifs were concepted, creative directed and designed by Soon in Tokyo. Direction and animation came from Johnny Kelly and Matthew Cooper. The eventual goal is for the site to serve as a platform with participation from young designers and creatives all over the world (I hope old designers are welcome too. Am I the only one tired of the ‘hip’ age discrimination in the design field?)

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David Ope

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I am pretty sure I have posted animated gifs from David Ope before but there are some new and even crazier ones up now that are definitely worth checking out.

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David Ope

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It’s been a long time since I have posted any animated gifs but here are some really amazing examples by David Ope discovered via Today and Tomorrow.

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You Make Me So Happy

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Nicolas Sassoon has a wild and imaginative archive or animated gifs that you can spend a fair amount of time picking through. I picked one to share but it’s best to visit and discover the rest for yourself.

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Animated Gif Picks 4

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And the gifs just keep on comin’.

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Animated Gif Picks 4

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These come compliments of FFFFound and my friend and coworker Matt Chiabotti. He has been on the lookout for these lately and pointed me in the right direction.

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Animated Gif Picks 3

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Well, I am going to keep this going every week as long as I can keep up the motivation. So here are a few more interesting finds from some recent web browsing sections. I found a couple at Dropular but almost all of them come from Gif Anime.

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Animated Gif Picks 2

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More because you can’t have enough animated gifs in your life.

I had to start a new category for this.

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Animated Gif Picks

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I selected a few that I liked from Fuck Yeah Gifs but there is a lot more where that came from. Animated gifs are just a good time. Period.

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