I Love Dust: GE Future Folklore

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I Love Dust (still one of my all time favorite studios) was nice enough to email me some of their recent animation work for GE in Asia. The spots are anchored by the concept of Ancient myths colliding with the technology of today. The spots were directed by Golden Wolf and produced by ilovedust for GE China via TBWA SHanghai.

I was surprised to discover a lot of this work is being animated directly out of Photoshop which is something we’ll be looking into this year as a studio for sure.

Thanks for the email Ingi. I sure hope to visit you in the UK someday soon. Keep up the amazing work I Love Dust. You guys continue to inspire.

Client: GE China
Production co: ilovedust
Director: Golden Wolf
Creative Director: Ingi Erlingsson
Producer: Ant Baena
Design: Ewen Stenhouse
Animation: Ed Barratt, Felix Massie, Roly Edwards
Effects Animation: Tim Whiting
Additional animation and Compositing: Bill Elliott, Ross MacDowell, Alex Fernandez
CG Modelling and Animation: Henry Purrington, Thomas Purrington
Backgrounds: Ewen Stenhouse
Storyboards: Ken Cheung
Sound Design: Box of Toys

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Proof That We Are Soulmates

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Written by Drake Martinet withdrake.com
Illustration and Animation by Emanuele Colombo emanuelecolombo.it
Music: Monday – Jon Brion

Emanuele Colombo found an infographic on Visual.ly this by Drake Martinet he proceeded to ask Drake for permission to create an animated version of the graphic and this is the result.

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Birdpen: Nature Regulate

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Pooya Abbasian sent in a recent music video created for Birdpen’s single ‘Nature Regulate’. The video involved some simple but super fun character design and it’s even more fun to watch.

Story, Director, Animation, Illustration and Backgrounds:

Illustration, Character Design and 3D character Modeling:

3D Animation, 3D Object Modeling, Post Production:

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Bounce Bounce

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Here is a wild stop-motion animation piece created for Hilary Hahn and Hauschka’s single “Bounce Bounce” from their album Silfra.

Also, you can check out this short film about the process involved in the creative of this crazy video as directed by Danny Gregory and Tommy Kane.

And here’s a couple more process links while we are at it here and here.


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There is some hauteness happening in the portfolio of German motion/animation studio Sehsucht. I think I posted some of their work a while back but their has been some updates including the above Pictoplasma Festival 2012 opener, which is amazing by the way.

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From the album “Both Lights”


Out now on Hometapes and The Leaf Label

Directed by Takafumi Tsuhiya / TAKCOM

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The Old Man and the Sea

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Marcel Schindler brings the work of Hemingway to life via some clever stop motion. That wasn’t a complete sentence. Sorry Hemingway. Damn it another incomplete sentence. There I go again.

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Childhood of a Circle

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Some talented person named François sent this in and it’s a very impressive piece of animation work.

“Archibald, a creature to whom nothing ever happens sees his routine changed by the arrival of a mysterious circle”


-Directed and Animated by Kadavre Exquis
-More to discover on facebook:
-Sound design by John Kassab
-Voice over by Julian Smith
-Foley sounds by Adrian Medhurst

Music by Kadavre Exquis & guests
Get the Full soundtrack of 11 tracks, the poster, the full film, and other goodies here:kadavrexquis.bandcamp.com/album/childhood-of-the-circle-ost

Making Of :

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Swing of Change

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Joakim Riedinge sent in his ‘student video’ titled Swing of Change and it’s quite remarkable for a ‘student video’. I am continually amazed at how well produced some of the 3d animation work is coming from students these days. It’s starting to put those of us already in the game to shame.

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Keaton Henson: Small Hands

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From the album Dear… itunes.apple.com/gb/preorder/dear/id501705635

Director: Joseph Mann
Executive Producer: Bart Yates
Produced by: Joseph Mann, Tamsin Glasson, James Bretton
Written by: Joseph Mann
Director of Photography: Matthew Day

Puppets by: Jonny Sabbagh
Character Design: Jonny Sabbagh & Keaton Henson
Puppeteers: Jonny Sabbagh & Will Harper

Camera Assistant: Toby Goodyear & Max Halstead
Gaffer: Max Halstead
Script Supervisor: Elizabeth Day
Studio: Clapham Road Studios

Set Design: Joseph Mann
Art Department: Joely Brammer, Rose Popham, Emma Denby, Daisy Roth, Emily Barret, Morgan Faverty, Lauren Brown, Aodhagan O’Riordan, Lydia CS, Frank Burgess

Editor: Simone Ghilardotti
Post Production: Simone Ghilardotti & Josh Hine
Grade: Steve Gatti at Moving Picture Company


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Acid Drops

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“The second in a series of hand painted studies that aim to psychedelically capture the individual styles of influential skateboarders”

Matt Box is responsible for this great little project and he’s looking for some new people to collaborate/create with/for: matthew-box@live.co.uk

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Ruin is ‘an animated short set in a post-apocalyptic universe’ created by aptly named OddBall Animation.

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Longway North

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Pulled directly from the source:
“Sasha, a young Russian artistocratic girl at the end of the 19th century, dreams of the Great North and languishes over Oloukine, her grandfather, a renowned scientist and Arctic explorer, who has not returned from his last expedition to conquer the North Pole. He transmitted his vocation to Sasha which is far from satisfying her parents as they have already arranged for their daughter to marry.

She revolts against this destiny, flees and is resolved to going to join Oloukine a longway north.”

Produced by Sacrebleu Productions.

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This is a Bachelor film project 2012 from The Animation Workshop created by David R. Christensen, Lasse H.N. Smith, Blake Overgaard, Jeppe Døcker, Kristoffer W. Mikkelsen, Malte Burup Jelshøj and Mark Kjærgaard. Lookout everyone when these people enter the profesional creative world.

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Webster Colcord

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Webster Colcord is a master of all things animated, both analog and digital. He’s worked on Iron Man, Minority Report, and Live Free or Die Hard. However, stop-motion animation is definitely where his skills shine. Mad Doctors of Borneo is a series he started way back in 1993. He says he’ll probably finish it when he retires. If so, I hope he plans on retiring soon. I’d love to see more.

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Black Sunrise Trailer 2

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Nick Cross is apparently animating an entire feature-length film titled Black Sunrise. This is the second trailer he has released. It looks promising.

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Narrow Sparrow: Spooky Head

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Apparently this music video uses animation/film all taken from the 1920’s. That must have been a fun decade.

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Domino Party

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This is a way fun little piece of animation produced by the Argentinian duo Ronda + Sonni.


Credits / Directed by Ronda + Sonni
Original Idea / Art Direction: Sonni
Character Design / Storyboards: Sonni Studios
Animation Director: Ronda
Animation: Fernán Graziano
Sound Design: Dj Fernandez / Ronda
Voice of Bullet: Katie Bel

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