David Despau

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Illustrator David Despau has updated with an attractive new website featuring some trendy done right illustration work of some famous people and famous characters.

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Alexandre Salles

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Artists Inspire Artists has an ‘inspiring’ (go figure) feature about Brazlian artist and illustrator Alexandre Salles who digitally paints some beautiful film and comic book inspired imagery.

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Magomed Dovjenko: DOMO ARIGATO

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I am really digging this new and smart series by young illustrator/designer Magomed Dovjenko who recently corrected me from a previous post that he is not yet even in his twenties. I feel a little Takashi Murakami coming on when I look through this series but that doesn’t lessen it for me at all, it actually makes it even better.

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Rob Shields: Updates

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Rob Shields updates with some gorgeous new illustration work.

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Luis Toledo

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Luis Toledo is a Spanish illustrator with a strange layered and heavy style drawing in streams of inspiration from several different cultures. These are digital collages but I don’t think that lessens the time and meticulous attention required to both see through and arrive at something so rich.

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ONEQ: Updates

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ONEQ updates with some stunning new hyper stylized pinup images drawing inspiration from Japanese prints and tattoo culture. Be prepared to get your scroll on.

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Silence Television: New Prints

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I am a fan of Silence Television. His work is the perfect combination of tight graphic design and equally tight illustration. He’s thrown some new prints up for sale and you can’t miss with his work on your wall.

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Mikkel Sommer

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Mikkel Sommer has some fun gestural work for comics and illustration in his portfolio. It’s kind of wild and colorful but he’s got a great eye for situational comedy and drama.

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Hylton Warburton

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Hylton Warburton is a graphic designer and illustrator from Durban, South Africa. There is some fun poster and illustration work with a bit of an antique feel in Warburton’s portfolio. There is a wealth of personality represented in the work.

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Jeremy Enecio

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Jeremy Enecio was born in Ormoc City, Philippines. He received his BFA in illustration in 2008 at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland. He currently resides in New York City where he works as a freelance illustrator. He is represented by Levy Creative Management.

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Adrián Romero is a Spanish graphic designer and illustrator with some wild, colorful and pop-infused visuals in his portfolio. His work is very illustrated but composed with the sensitivity of a designer. It’s a tasty bag of eye candy.

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Steve Simpson

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There’s some richly detailed retro-styled work in the Behance portfolio of irish designer/illustrator of Steve Simpson. His rather literal interpretation of smorgasbord makes for the perfect visual pun and it’s accomplished in a style that is an equally perfect fit.

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JooHee Yoon

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JooHee Yoon has an interesting style that makes every illustration feel as if it has already been printed and the ink may have been running out in the process. It makes the simple stylized imagery feel ‘real’ for lack of a better description. The tactility gives the work an added sense of dimension and pulls the work out of modern pop realm back into the illustration heydays of the 60s and 70s.

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McDonagh Illustration

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Tim McDonagh has some sumptuously detailed work in his small but considered illustration portfolio. He keeps his color work fairly flat and printerly which gives his work a bit of an antiqued feel.

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Man Tsun

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There is some great looking vector work in the Behance portfolio of Chinese designer/illustrator Man-Tsun. The above image would make for a desirable print in certain circles.

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Bonjour from Cuypi who is creating some fun, funny and highly accesible illustrations that often put the tongue in the cheek. He also has a flair for hand crafted typography that makes equal use of humor with a bit of a French flair.

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Wojciech Pijecki

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Polish illustrator Wojciech Pijecki utilizes photos that he dismantles, illustrates over and totally re-imagines to generate some striking imagery that is lush with detail. He outlines the process on how he creates some of the imagery at his Behance portfolio.

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Ugo Gattoni

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Ugo Gattoni has some subtle and beautifully rendered work in his portfolio that he can translate seamlessly from page to screen an on into full animation.

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