Li Wei: Updates

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The ever-inspiring photographer known as Li Wei has updated with yet again a flurry of mind-bending imagery that all appear as though they were somehow magically captured in camera.

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“Jefta is a young 24-year passion for mixing photography, painting and digital arts.

His work is mainly based on the body that operates in different ways, including encrusting textures or image by dressing.”

Jefta’s photography borders on the surreal psychedelic and it all comes straight out of simple photographs of people. He has an interesting perspective. I’d watch his space for future photography work if I were you.

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Nacho Rojo

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Not only is Nacho Rojo quite possibly the coolest name you have heard in a long time that doesn’t belong to a Mexican Wrestler, it also represents the work of a pretty kick ass photographer and I am particularly loving this set of images from his Behance-Folio.

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Kevin Kunstadt

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I have actually been to the location in the photograph above by Kevin Kunstadt and he somehow captured the entire mood and aura invoked by that place. The same can be said for all the rest of the images in his book.

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There are some quiet and contemplative moments happening in the Flickrstream of ‘Shtroxy‘. They are like little snippets from past memories or dreams. Some of them are light and some are dark. She has a great eye for composition and I would be curious is these are staged or just captured on the fly.

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Ignacio Torres

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Ignacio Torres was born in the border city of El Paso, Texas. In the fall of 2010 he received his BFA in photography from the University of North Texas. His work has been exhibited in the Dallas/Ft.Worth
metroplex and was awarded the Cora E. Stafford Scholarship for an emerging photographer in 2010.

Ignacio is currently working in personal projects that explore youth, identity and scientific theories through the use of photography, animated gifs and video. His most recent work “Stellar” is featured on The Ones 2 Watch. He lives and works in New York City.”

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Fox Harvard

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Fox Harvard is a Florida based photography who is largely self taught. He has an amazing eye for composition and his soft dreamy imagery is oozing with moodiness and style.

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luca venter

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Denver’s own Luca Venter has a lush and intimate body of work that focuses on the burgeoning music scene in our fair city. We look forward to seeing more.

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Daniel Shea

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Photographer Daniel Shea captures stark, subtley-toned landscapes that present man’s nuanced battle with the industry of his creation. The images are no frills but there is a definite tension bubbling just under the surface.

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Me&Edward: Metamorphosis

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Metamorphosis is a recent photo study by the French photographer who calls himself Me&Edward. It’s a fascinating but disturbing series of images depicting the human form in a bio-transitional state.

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Matt Hoyle

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Matt Hoyle is an ad man turned photographer who has captured some very well known personalities. His work has been recognized by numerous publications and shown in the national portrait gallery. It’s obvious his skills extend beyond the lens to directing his talent to capture the unique aspects of their persona. He’s also spoken at TED which you can watch here.

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Greg Ponchak: Updates

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Photographer Greg Ponchak has updated with more darkly serene and mystical black and white images. I am amazed by his ability to seemingly capture images like this on the fly. He has a real eye for composition and drama.

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Jason Travis: Persona

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Jason Travis has put together an interesting photographic diptych series entitled ‘Persona’ that documents whatever people consider essential enough to carry on their person. The series has accumulated a lot of notoriety in the press. You can watch a short documentary about the series above and check out the photos in Travis’s Flickrstream.

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Danny McShane

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Danny McShane’s Flickr Photostream features subtle hues, muted tones, rainbow swept forests and shorelines complimented by very attractive young models. I would imagine capturing those photos was a very good time indeed.

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Filip Dujardin

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Photographer Filip Dujardin has an obvious love for architecture and has learned to frame all of it’s subtle nuances within perfectly beautiful yet understated images.

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Nicolai Howalt

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The before and after portrait series of child boxers by photographer Nicolai Howalt is a gritty and disturbing plunge into a sport I didn’t know they allowed children to participate in.

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There is a kind of subtle restraint happening throughout the photos logged at through the Tumblr page of Paulushaus. Each photo feels like it was captured on the spur of the moment although almost every composition looks like it was considered beforehand in order to achieve a harmonious balance.

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Douglas Lyle Thompson

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Photographer Douglas Lyle Thompson has a kind of photo-journalism kind of a thing happening in his portfolio that serves almost as a log of places he’s been that he found interesting. And the places he has been certainly look interesting and even more so through the lens of his camera.

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