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I know a lot of you out there get upset when I write about politics, but tonight I will just have to ignore that. To me this moment in the history of the country in which I was born means more to me.

Tonight really overwhelmed me. As an American and as an American who still loves this country but has been wounded by watching such a dismal last few years unfold, I really do pray with all my heart that this is a step in a new direction. For being such an influence on the global politic, as a young person it has been hard for me to watch other parts of the world make important steps towards progress while America has lagged behind. We still have a very very long way to go, but I feel that this really is an important step.

I have never seen so much energy directed toward something like this election in all my life. It was amazing seeing so many young people finally wake up and get involved. I only hope this is just a start and we will only see more and more young people take up their civic duty and not only vote but contribute to the electoral process in this county.

We did it. We worked hard. We hoped and toiled against some very hard odds and we did it. We finally elected our first black president. I have prayed that I would one day live to see this day in my life. I worked all weekend on graphics for MoveOn.org that were created for if Obama won the election (you can see two of those graphics above).

It scared the hell out of me because I felt like the person who must be responsible for creating all of the paraphernalia for the team expected to win the World Series only to have to watch them lose on game day. It made me all the more tense and I had no idea how I would react tonight if Obama won. The moment it was announced I burst into tears.

It is important to note that John McCain gave a wonderful speech tonight that revealed his true character and his love for this country. He showed true heart tonight and was incredibly gracious.

I think it is just impossible if you live in the United States to ignore the importance of this moment. I hope we can find a way to once again unify this divided country and heal the rift that has lately divided us. I sincerely do.

My sincerist congratulations to those of you out there to whom this means so much. And to those who do not agree with Obama or his policies, I sincerely hope we can find a way to begin to work together and try to make this country better. It is going to take everyone, not just one side versus the other. We need unity now more than ever before.

Now lets move forward. We have an incredible amount of work to do and this is only the beginning.

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If you are registered and you haven’t done so yet, get up off your ass, get out there and vote today! Please, be sure to do it. Nothing you do today will be more important. Every vote does count. Do not take anything for granted. This is one of the most important elections in American history. Get out there and take part. If you have to stand in line and miss work then so be it. It is your legal right to do so. Tell your employer or teacher you are voting.

If you don’t and your candidate loses, you revoke all your rights to complain.

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Change Is Wassup

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Its been eight long years since the boys said wassup to each other. Even with the effects of a down economy and imminent change in the White House, the boys are still able to come together and stay true to what really matters.

Client: Wassup08.com
Production Company: Believe Media
Director: Charles Stone
Director of Photography: Shane Hurlbut
Producer: Katie Matson Walker
VFX Company: Mass Market
VFX Artist: Rich Rama
Editorial Company: Union Editorial
Editor: Nico Alba
Sound Design: Bill Chesley,
Henry Boy
Sound Mix: Sound Lounge
Mixer: Philip Loeb

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Confirm Your Voting Status

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Go here and make sure if you live in the state of Colorado that you are registered to vote. And if you are, get out there and do it. Every single vote is going to count in this election and your vote matters.

Thank you for the reminder Joyengine.

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Aliens Vote

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The good people at the Cuban Council have initiated an interesting project to try to help determine exactly how much influence the alien vote could have on the upcoming election. Its an interesting idea that will no doubt yield even more interesting data.

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Captain Kirk For President

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I think we have ourselves a new presidential candidate here.

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Barack Obama 08 DNC Speech

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It was everything it needed to be last night and more. It was tough, it was smart and it was dead on. It was exactly what needed to be said.

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Terrorist Fist Jab

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Ha. Ha ha. Ha ha ha. Ha hahahahahahahhahahhahahahahhhaaahahahahahahahah

Whew, had to get that out. I’m in tears.

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Ron English Obama Poster

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I haven’t yet posted news about Upper Playground’s ongoing Obama poster series because of mixed emotions. I haven’t been able yet to determine if all the money they are making is going toward the Obama campaign or not. In times like these, I say give if you can and if you are earning money from Obama’s image, give that money back to his campaign. Don’t get me wrong, I think it is great the Upperplayground is contributing. I just think it’s a little immoral to be turning a buck of the Obama trend on one hand and touting support with the other. This is America though and that is how capitalism works I guess. Like I said though, I could be totally wrong, they might be giving a small amount of money to the artist and then giving all the rest back to the campaign. With each poster costing a whopping $200 in this economy, with a target audience that is most likely comprised of artists and creatives, I hope they are putting that money towards a good cause.  If they are, then I applaud them whole-heartedly and apologize sincerely for any misperception on my behalf.

That peace being spoken, the poster by Ron English really is noteworthy. Not just because Ron English is such an interesting and controversial artist but because of his interpretation of Obama in his poster. It stirs a lot of emotions looking at the image he has created and it also brings about an idea of a circle in history finally being closed once and for all. I think it’s a brilliant idea and speaks a lot about the intelligence behind English’s work. Of all the posters so far, I would say this one, if you have the actual money to spare, is worth the cost. It’s a brilliant effort by English and beautifully conceived. In a world of clutter it is so often the simplest images that speak the loudest.

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Our First Black Presidential Nominee

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Hilary Clinton has officially announced tonight that she is officially dropping out of the race for President. She has plans now to endorse Obama later this week.

That being said it is time for the next important order of business and that is the news that for the first time in the history of the United States of America we officially have are first black presidential nominee. It is a proud and historic moment for our country and it is a moment that so far has been hard fought by Obama and his supporters. I think at this point it is safe to say that he has run an intelligent campaign and his people have done an absolutely phenomenal job in winning this nomination. It really is an amazing time right now in the United States and it is exciting as a young person to feel, even in a small way to be actively participating in something so important. It’s an amazing moment to see someone young, energized, exciting and more symbolic of our shared creeds in this country.

The real work lies ahead now for the Obama camp. McCain will be pulling out all the stops to do whatever he can to smear and bring Obama down. It is going to be a tough time but what could potentially be gained is worth the fight. It is a thrilling time for sure and I think a lot of eyes, all over the world will continue to be focused on where this is all going. There is no doubt that America now finds itself in the throes of political history. I just hope for all our sakes that this is the beginning of correcting some awful mistakes made over the last 8 years. We have a lot of work to do and we need to get to it.

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A Historic Night for American Politics

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I have been holding off on writing this entry until the video was in from all three remaining presidential candidates tonight. I watched all three and there were some good speeches given tonight. They are posted above and I apologize for the commercials but it was the best and most complete video I could find. I think the speeches tonight were the first time the American public got a glimpse of some of what they can expect in the coming months. I am probably misquoting the exact number, but McCain used the word ‘change’ around 35 times or more in his speech. A particular note that offended me from McCain’s speech was his touting that Obama somehow represents or is supported by special interest. That was hard to sit through considering McCain is supported by some of the most powerful corporate lobbyists in the country. His attempt at posing himself as the original change candidate seemed a little contrived and a touch desperate but I think it is just the beginning of his part pulling out all the stops against a potential run against Obama. I have heard from inside his party that the proposition of running against Obama and his ‘new’ way of campaigning scares the hell out of some of his affiliates. Apparently Obama has been able to move younger conservative voters over to his side and this worries McCain’s organizers. It should and it is also why I think we can expect to see a very interesting race that will highlight some of the polar factions of American politics.

Another note from the nights events is that Clinton made it clear that she is not yet deciding to drop out of the nomination process. She has amassed a large cache of voters, and as a wealthy woman, there can be no doubt that she knows when you have acquired valuable assets you hold on to them as long as you can or at least as long as you can to use them for leverage. That being said, it is looking like she wants to use that cache of voters as a potential way of maneuvering her way into a V.P. position. News is breaking from her camp that she wants to seek personal council with Obama as soon as possible so they can discuss future plans. The nagging question is, why doesn’t she just meet with him then? Why does she have to ‘announce’ that she wants to meet with him. One thing is for sure, the Clinton supporters are standing firmly by her and regardless of her attempt at congratulating Obama and speaking of party unification.

Lastly, and of course I can admit bias as an Obama supporter, I think Obama gave a rousing speech tonight. It was truly inspiring and it was the first time I felt he really started laying down the issues he wants to address as the nominee. The news has been quick to jump on the story of his nomination and I was very excited by it myself. The problem is, Clinton has not yet officially ceded the nomination and until she does I worry that she could cause a tear in the party. Obama is doing his best despite this to talk to all potential voters on both sides of the aisle. Despite the muddy conditions under which he did his best at accepting the apparent nomination, it is a historic evening for American politics. Obama will be our first black presidential nominee and it is due time. I still believe he is a real symbol for a new America and it is an America that young people understand and openly accept while some older Americans are still clinging to past prejudice. I have heard it said and uttered that America is not ready for a black President and I feel this is totally untrue. If we are not ready now then we never will be. Skin color should no longer be an issue in this country. Period. It’s an important and overdue step for the U.S.

I know some readers do not like it when I write about politics but as an American citizen this presidential race and it’s impact on both the U.S. and the world are impossible to ignore. The current administration has put a strain on this country and it has made it a difficult climate in which to practice a creative career. It will be better for us all if America takes a step in a more intelligent, diplomatic, ethical and prosperous direction. These are interesting times we find ourselves in and I think it’s important to pay attention. The world could be a very different place in the future and making changes may require sacrifices from us all, specifically in the U.S. We need a leader now more than ever that can inspire us to take up our civic duty and make both America and the world a better place. We have been apathetic for too long and it is costing us dearly.

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Liz Trotta Jokes About Killing Obama

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I leave the country for 4 days and when I come back there is a journalist on Fox joking about ‘knocking’ off Obama? I think a new low has been reached on Fox news. I can’t believe someone would say something like that on national television, not just about Obama, but about any presidential candidate. Is she completely out of her mind? It’s pathetic and just downright unprofessional. What a disgrace.

She couldn’t even apologize sincerely. Someone call security and escort this woman to the door. Call her a cab home and hand her a newspaper so she can start combing the classifieds for a new job because a slip like that should cost her the one she already has.

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ISO50 For Obama

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I had previously written about artist, musician and designer Scott Hansen being selected by the Obama campaign to contribute the next ‘Artists for Obama’ poster after Shepard Fairey and the poster was printed and put up for sale this week. You can purchase a limited edition print of the poster ‘here‘ at the official Obama website.

It’s interesting to note that where, Fairey’s work (and my own) work for Obama has been very ‘political’ drawing influence from WWII propaganda and Russian Constructivism, Hansen’s poster is very soft and human. It’s a sharp contrast to the now iconic poster Fairey created and portrays a totally different interpretation of Obama’s campaign and message.

You can read more about the poster along with a massive list of comments about it at IS050’s blog.

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No Golf For Iraq

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George Bush sunk to a new low today when news surfaced that he claimed he had given up golf to show solidarity for U.S. soldiers serving in Iraq. U.S. war veterans are already calling the move a disgrace and an ‘insult to all Americans.’

Brandon Friedman, a U.S. infantry officer veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan said that Bush claiming he sacrificed playing golf for the soldiers was a “slap in the face” for U.S. troops.

If there were any doubt as to whether or not Bush sincerely understands the sacrifices incurred by military service they have been squashed entirely by this news. It just shows how completely disconnected he is from his public and how little he can relate. It is a sign of the times that the U.S. body politic is now headed by royal legacy aristocrats who know and care nothing about what they would most likely consider the ‘peasant’ population. It’s a symbol for what has become of the system of government in America. It’s truly broken and no longer represents the common American.

In an interview with Yahoo, Bush said, “I didn’t want some mom whose son may have recently died to see the commander-in-chief playing golf. I feel I owe it to the families to be in solidarity as best I can with them. And I think playing golf during a war just sends the wrong signal.”

This may be unbelievable but it is not unexpected, that is if you have been paying attention to what has been going on now from the very first day this administration took office. It’s time to start holding them responsible for the blood of our young men. Start voting them out in every election you can take part in. This can’t happen again. Ever. America is better than this. We just need people in office that show it. Bush never has and history will reflect this.

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Spiritual Counsel to McCain

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So, with all the talk about Reverend Wright and Obama, it is probably a good idea to at least, for the sake of argument, bring some attention to the other side. I still feel strongly, as our forefathers did, that religion has absolutely no place in politics. I may be alone on that notion and I do realize that religion has a lot to do with informing one’s system of beliefs. However, I think our forefathers were pretty specific on this particular topic and saw the combination of church and state as a threat to the independence of the republic. I don’t condemn other people’s religious beliefs because that is a private matter and people are free to believe whatever they like, so long as it does not bring about harm to innocent people. I just think in order to ensure that rational discussion that involves the highest thought and is in the interest of diplomacy first is strained when strong religious beliefs are brought to the fold. So, it bothers me that this has become such an issue with American politics.

With that said, I am fully aware of the fact that Obama attended Reverend Wright’s church for 20 years and he has strong personal ties to Wright. Obama has condemned Wright’s statements publicly and has worked to distance himself from Wright’s egocentric antics.

McCain also has connections to some frightening religious zealots. The difference being that McCain actively and very deliberately sought the endorsement of these zealots because he has declared that he shares their beliefs. Again, as in the case with Obama, this would be a private matter on McCain’s behalf if it were not for the absolutely insane things that the religious leaders endorsing McCain are saying. They are also saying these things very openly and are not hiding their fanatical beliefs in any way whatsoever.

Reverend Hagee is McCain’s biggest religious endorser so far and as Obama has begun distancing himself from Wright, McCain has drawn himself closer to Hagee and refuses to drop his endorsement. The reason this is disturbing is because of the vast array of discriminatory beliefs held by Hagee, who condemns just about everyone under the sun who does not adhere to his warped morality. He has claimed that Hurricane Katrina was an act of God meant to punish the sinful people of New Orleans. I would imagine there were a lot of innocent people in New Orleans who did not choose to be born there that would beg to differ with that opinion and probably found it deeply disturbing, and rightly so. Hagee also believes that, and I quote, “The coming nuclear showdown with Iran is a certainty.” He also believes that the Catholic church is “a great whore” and “a false cult system.”

A new and even more disturbing religious leader that McCain has sought endorsement from is Reverend Rod Parsley. He shares many of Hagee’s views and in some ways is almost more fanatical. So why has this not been as much an issue in the media. Doesn’t this deserve at least equal coverage? Why aren’t more people talking about this? If this presidential race is going to allow us to look at and judge both sides equally then why is the media not at least reporting more openly on this. The beliefs of these men is publicly known and very easy to track down. Why isn’t this being treated as a bigger issue?

You can read more about McCain’s ‘spiritual counsel’ at the following links:
The Huffington Post
Wikipedia page on Hagee
Hagee on Hurricane Katrina
Hagee on Armageddon

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Star Wars: Obama Versus Clinton

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Well, again I am sorry for the seemingly disproportionate amount of politics to art on my blog lately, but there is just so much entertaining content right now in the political arena that it is impossible to keep away from it. This video may be low-fi but since this blog is about the collision between creativity and culture, I cannot think of a better video that marries creativity and politics so harmoniously. It must have been a pain to edit this but it is just hilarious. It’s impossible not to have a laugh and enjoy it.

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Hilary Can Still Win

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Damn. I thought she was done until I saw this video. There is still a possibility. Damn.

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The Orphan Works Bill

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A coworker sent news of this to me this morning and I was shocked. Apparently a bill is pending in Congress that would virtually strip all rights to creative works from artists, designers, musicians, you name it. The bill has been referred to as the ‘end of copyright’. Currently and since 1976, in order to be more compatible with international copyright laws, if you have created something you do not have to pay to protect it. It is automatically considered so. Under this new bill apparently, this would change, whereas if you wanted your work legally protected, you would have to pay to do so. If you could not pay or afford to pay, then your work would be up for grabs by (most likely) people with more money than you. Nothing you create would be protected and putting anything online would be placing your work directly in harms way. You would have to pay to own your own work or that work would be deemed an ‘orphan’ and available for use by anyone willing to pay the government the right to license. The scariest part is that this also encompasses anything you release online, which for many of us is our best work because we use the internet to promote ourselves to potential employers and contractors.

The legislation was introduced about 3 years ago and, rightly so, has been difficult to pass. The bill is being reviewed today and could pass very soon. My question is how do bills like this even get introduced into legislation when they fly in the face of working Americans? How broken is our system?

Here are several links where you can read more about this bill:
Senator Leahy’s full text release of the bill here
Wikipedia’s Orphan Works entry here
Advertising Photographers of America’s page fighting the bill here
General information about the bill and it’s repercussions here

Lastly and most importantly, you can take action here

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