Alright, this is a little something different. Let’s face it, it’s a tough time right now and a lot of us are hurting. That’s just an unfortunate fact. So maybe there is a way I can help and we could all work on something together.

This is probably a big announcement to make to the amount of people that read this blog, but I am currently about to purchase a home here in Denver, Colorado that actually has a small private art gallery separate from the house in the backyard. The deal isn’t completely done yet, but if it goes through I will have that space to start doing some exciting new things with through Changethethought.

I have been watching the Omega Code project evolve and have really just been amazed by how many people have contributed. It’s insane really, and I think it shows there are just a lot of people out there who want to collectively contribute to a project to have the opportunity to just be totally creative and get there work out there in front of a larger audience. I also think the small parameter of having to only use the  Omega Code logo gave everyone a subject to start with but still express their own individual brand of creativity through that subject.

So, I am not officially kicking this off yet until I finish buying my home, but I was thinking… How would you out there feel about creating A3 sized posters using a template with the Changethethought logo (pictured above only in a simpler black and white version) in whatever way you choose?

I would be curating the poster selection and featuring the work permanently on a Flickr page similar to the Omega Code. At the end of the submission segment of the project, I would choose 100 posters to show at the Changethethought gallery at my new house. This might not all take place until the end of this summer or early next fall but each artist could then ship me up to 50 of their posters (25 minimum) that they could then sell  at the gallery. The gallery would keep 30 percent of the sales for tubes, entertainment and shipping so the profits could be mailed back to the artists in the show.

I think it might be a really cool project that would bring some art from all over the world to Denver and offer some people who may not have had the chance to sell some of their work. You could print your poster however you wanted. Digitally or screenprint, it would be totally up to you. The poster would need to use the Changethethought logo, but that would be it. The rest would be up to you. The 70% profit made from the sale of your poster would then be shipped directly back to you as soon as the show was over. I would keep the show running for several weeks to a month giving as many people the chance to purchase your work as possible. I might also be able to put the posters up for sale via the Flickr page for a limited time so people could purchase them via Paypal. The point being, that as much money as possible would go back to the artist.

I am just throwing this out there because I may or may not be able to do it yet, but I would really like to know what you think about the idea. Leave a comment after this post or send an email via the contact section and let us know. Best wishes to all of you out there in these difficult times. Keep your heads up and keep creating. I appreciate your support of this blog very much and thank you for reading. I hope to do more for you in the future.

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