Smith and Nephew
A spot by PSYOP

Directed by Eben Mears and Mate Steinforth
3D by Florian Witzel (Lead), Alvin Bae, Jan Bitzer, Jae Ham, Miguel Salek, Jeff Dates, Rich Magan,
Jacob Slutsky, Jason Vega, Goo-Shun Wang, Lee Wolland, Andreas Gebhardt (R&D)
After Effects by Doug Purver, Jason Conradt, Elliot Blanchard
Produced by Michael Neithardt, Tarun Cahraipotra (assistant) Lucia Grillo (EP)
Designed by Mate Steinforth
Storyboard by Ben Chan
Music by Prison Diet

via Ogilvy, New York with Jonahtan Isaacs (CD), Tracy McFarlane (CD), Lisa Savage (CD), Melanie Baublis (EP), Chris Beeby, Keith Higbee

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