The mainstream media has in many ways chosen to ignore the rising ‘Occupy’ movement which is now spreading virally across the U.S. Political pundits are already murmuring the sound byte ‘American Autumn’ after the ‘Arab Spring’. Here in Denver the Governor is currently at a loss as to how to deal with the protesters now camped out in front of the state capital.

In response to the lack of coverage one amateur filmmaker decided to shoot his own video at the source of the movement.

Directed by Alex Mallis + Lily Henderson
Cinematography by Ed David
Edited by Lily Henderson + Alex Mallis
Assistant Camera: Andrew McMullen + Diana Eliavoz
Assistant Producers: Dana Salvatore + Jillian Mason
Titles by Jason Drakeford.


Alex – AnalectFilms.com
Lily – thinplacepictures.com
Ed – kittyguerrilla.com

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