Accept & Proceed: Updates

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Somewhere out there along the journey Accept and Proceed became a great design studio. Everything is clean and accounted for and no space or negative space goes unconsidered.

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Accept and Proceed

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I have been familiar with Accept and Proceed for a while now but for some reason have slipped on writing about them. They have some exceptional posters for sale at Blanka, which I did mention in a post a while back. They also run a group project from time to time that other Designers participate in. According to their website, “Accept and Proceed is a design and art direction facility, providing print and interactive design for a wide range of sectors including the music, fashion and advertising industries.” A&P are London-based and claim to deliver innovating, pioneering yet effective solutions for their clients and approach each project with full gusto regardless of budget. That is the way it should be but often isn’t.

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