Leif Podhajsky: Updates

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Melbourne based Leif Podhajsky’s psychedelic collage digital collage work has popped up all over the creative blogosphere but his work isn’t often seen applied to more commercial projects. However, he has recently posted some album art for ‘Tame Impala’s’ album ‘Inner Speaker’. Not only is ‘Tame Impala’ a kick ass band, Podhajsky retro-tinged work is a perfect pairing for their music and I am really digging the covers. If they produce LPs, they would look pretty slick framed and hung on a wall.

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Jorge Leon

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Jorge León is a graphic designer based in Las Palmas GC, Spain. He loves what he does for a living and is currently seeking new project work. He has some nice work in his book not the least of which includes the album cover above for Tits Like Buffalos. I can personally guarantee that is probably the best band name you will hear today.

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MASA: Updates

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Venezuelan design studio MASA has a small update in their Behance-folio featuring a nice album design for ‘Los Amigos Invisibles‘.

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Inventory Studio

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Inventory Studio was founded in 2008 by Robert Boon & David Lane. Our portfolio includes book design, record covers, exhibition graphics, branding and identity, editorial design, packaging, website design, advertising and occasional bursts of helium karaoke.”

There is some simple and slick work in their portfolio. I absolutely love the album cover depicted above.

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Sandberg and Timonen again

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I recently stumbled across the portfolio of Sandberg and Timonen again and just had to repost their work. Their portfolio seems to be bottomless and it is good to the last drop. Every damn click yields yet another masterfully crafted and beautiful surprise. Truly amazing and exceptional work throughout both in photography and design. 272 clicks to be exact.

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Klaus Voormann

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Klaus Voormann is a globally-celebrated illustrator who has been generating album art creative since 1958. His work includes the cover for the Beatles album, Revolver. You have no doubt seen his work before and now you can peruse a large cross section of his portfolio at his site.

Thank you for the link It’s Nice That.

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Tappin Gofton

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Tappin Gofton have been generating album art for some of the biggest acts in the industry (Coldplay, Chemical Brothers, Travis, etc.) for the last several years. All the while they never had a proper portfolio site online to take in the full breadth of their inspiring work. That has all changed since they recently launched their online portfolio.

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Martin Stousland

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Martin Stousland has some nice graphic design work in his Behance-folio.

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Seth Rieder

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Graphic Designer Seth Rieder has a relatively small but exciting body of work.

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Jonathan Zawada: Updates

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Graphic Artist Jonathan Zawada updates his website with even more stellar work. His album covers are absolutely fantastic. Great work.

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