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Alright I am just going to come out and say it, I love the stuff Alex Varanese does. It just oozes style and the likeability factor is so so high in his work. It’s like orange tic-tacs. I can eat a whole package of them in one sitting. He recently posted a few new things to his Behance including a series of visuals for an animated series he was considering called ‘I am Made of Robots’ and of course it’s awesome.

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I could try to explain Alex Varanese’s recent project myself but being that he is such an uncompromisingly honest person, it’s probably better to just let him tell you himself:

“This project is undoubtedly my most conceptually ambitious work to date. It comprises 14 full-sized, 18×24″ prints that explore the awesomely absurd idea of time travelers who return to the late 1970’s to release the technology of 2010 and dominate the world of consumer electronics. I re-imagined four modern products as if they existed over 30 years ago and tried to bring them to life through fake print ads, abstract glamour shots, and even a characteristically pretentious type treatment or two.”

Totally awesome.

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Alex Varanese

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Bay area native Alex Varanese has an unusual style all his own. I have seen his work before and posted it in prior versions of the blog but he has been staying busy and recently updated with a new series of experimental typographical layouts. He obviously has a fetish for the color orange, that much is easy to figure out and he has a thing for cassette tapes and the 80s. He is also very good at rendering 3d type and image. The one thing that you might not pick up on right away until spending a little time surfing around his site is that he also has a great sense of humor. He may or may not know that he is also a good writer. What I’m trying to say is this guy’s got some skills and I am picking up on what he is layin’ down.

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