Lesley Moore

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Lesley Moore was founded by Karin van den Brandt and Alex Clay in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I am curious how they generated the letterforms in the above ‘Void’ poster.

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Addikt: Updates

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Amsterdam-based motion graphics studio Addikt have updated their reel and portfolio for 2009 with some great projects.

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Machine has a new book out entitled, ‘Designed By Machine’ featuring some of the great design work they have done over the years. I have seen their work several times before but only today realized I had never posted it. Spend some time browsing because there is some great stuff in there.

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There is some really nice and clean design work represented in the blog-folio of Amsterdam’s own Matte.

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Amterdam Street Posters

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Jarr Geerligs has put together a massive archive of street posters in Amsterdam, many of which are very inspirational and very well designed.

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United Underwear

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Good stuff happening in the portfolio of United Underwear but then again, if you think about it, how could their not be good stuff going on somewhere called United Underwear.

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Studio Laucke

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There is some really exemplary typography and design for print in the portfolio of Studio Laucke. The studio is comprised of Dirk Laucke and Marc Karpstein who are based in Amsterdam.

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Niessen And de Vries

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It’s obvious by their website that Amsterdam-based graphic designers Richard Niessen & Esther de Vries don’t really design websites. What they do is create really great print work with an especially notable amount of attention given to typography and color. Their site is tough to look at and a little daunting at first to try to figure out where to click but once you start, you will be rewarded by some really stunning layouts.

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Koen Hauser

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If you have been curious who is behind those disturbing images of women with plastic molded anatomical structures realistically composited over their bodies that keep appearing on FFFFound, then be curious no more. They are the work of Dutch photographer Koen Hauser. There is little information to be gathered about him at his website other than the fact that he is extremely well studied and has exhibited all over Europe. His work has the kind of surreal sticking power that immediately locks itself into your psyche and only resurfaces in those fleeting moments just before sleep. His imagery possesses a subtle humanity that burrows it’s way into the subconscious where it comes disquietingly to rest.

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Mr. Letman

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Job Wouters, AKA Letman describes himself as cuckoo about letters and it shows in his poster work. They are filled with experimental forms and come in a wide array of colors showing varied influences, but they are almost all good in their entirety.

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