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Scot emailed me last week and asked that I mention he has an upcoming show this month here in Denver at the Andenken Gallery (the venue where Manifest Hope took place). Scot really busts his ass on his artwork and I have a feeling he is pulling out all the stops on this one so it shouldn’t be missed. Unfortunately I will be in Sunderland, England for a show I will be exhibiting at this weekend.

So on October 17th at Andenken Gallery I am asking that if you are in Denver you show up for Mr. Lefavor because I know he will definitely be showing up for Denver.

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Manifest Hope: A Retrospective

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Well, I was asked by readers via email and in comments for more detail about the Manifest Hope show here in Denver. In short, it was an amazing show but more so an amazing outpouring of individual talent and expression unified as a single voice around a central message. Every artist I spoke with felt the same. We see the error of the last 8 years and we know things have to change. We also know that it is going to take more than just one politician to do that. It is going to take all of us taking action and becoming more involved in our own system.

I spent a little time speaking with Ron English, and he said that this show wasn’t about making money or gaining recognition, it was about forwarding a cause that we all believe in. He said, and I agree, that he loves this country very much and that he takes it very personally to have had to watch our image be tarnished by some absolutely despicable decisions. We need to turn the page on this era and admit the error of our ways and usher in something that serves us all better. That is what the Manifest Hope show was about and that is why all of the artists, including myself have worked hard to promote someone we feel will begin doing that for us.

With that said, I will leave you with nearly 50 images of both the show and the private after party. It was one of the best times I have had in a long time and I was absolutely thrilled to be there. It’s not something I will ever forget. I did manage to sell the first signed, numbered and framed poster that was in the show along with several more in the Manifest Hope store. I am signing the remaining posters next week and then they will be shipped to Merchline in Florida so they will be available for purchase the second week of September.

Be sure to click ‘continue reading’ to continue on and see the nearly 50 photos of the rest of the art in the exhibit. The photos also include some of the street art around the exhibit.

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If you haven’t stopped by Denver’s own Andenken Gallery to check out the paintings of the petite-powerhouse Leslie Minnis, then make some time to do so. Her paintings are just phenomenal. It is nice to see something that transcends trendy right now as well. The art world kind of pisses me off right now because so much of it is turning into art for artists, but there is something in Leslie’s paintings that go beyond our bullshit scene that the everyman could relate to. That is what I think is missing from a lot of art right now. Everyone poses like you have to be ‘in-the-know’ to appreciate art right now, but art should be something you don’t need to know anything about and still appreciate. Art used to be the voice and expression of the masses as channeled through the artist, but lately it seems it is the voice and expression of trend seekers and the actual artists themselves. Of course art is always the expression of the individual artist, but that used to be a mirror for the culture at large. So by that judgment the current art scene seems pretty empty and self-serving, all style no substance. Of course I am talking about the art circles we move in, such as the ones promoted by magazines like Juxtapoz. Maybe that art isn’t supposed to be for the masses however. Lately it seems all any of this is about is ‘getting up’ and ‘getting over’. It’s no wonder you see the same people over and over again at shows because no one outside the clique has any reason to be interested.

Anyway, sorry for the rant. Do check out Leslie’s show. And if you don’t like my opinions, don’t read my blog.

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