AOL Phase 2

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Universal Everything produces more stunning visual art for the namesake of AOL. It’s beautiful work and it looks like a dream project and although I realize these videos are purely for evocative visual intrigue it makes me wonder what exactly is being advertised. What is it exactly that AOL does or is going to do that is different from what they have done in the past?

Commissioned – Wolff Olins NYC
Creative Direction – Matt Pyke at Universal Everything
Animation – Chris Perry at Universal Everything and Michael Merron at Analog studio
Sound – Simon Pyke at Freefarm

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AOL has tapped some bright creative minds for it’s recent relaunch and Brooklyn-based creative agency GHAVA (short for Graphic Havoc) emailed this morning to share their leg of the campaign with us. GHAVA generated more promotional video content for the AOL relaunch as well as t-shirts and outdoor that has been displayed around NYC. You can view the rest of GHAVA’s contribution to the campaign at their website.

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Universal Everything for AOL

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The bright and shiny minds behind Universal Everything have created a new ident campaign for the relaunch of AOL. The videos were meant for content to be broadcast through web video, mobile, digital campaigns and outdoor LED displays. When it comes to video, it is all about providing content these days. Is this approach a foreshadowing of what will happen to the production of television commercials in the future? Regardless, it’s gorgeous visual art once again from Universal Everything.

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