Evan Hecox at Work

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Arkitip and Incase take you behind the scenes to get a look at Evan Hecox’s creative process in his Denver based art studio. Super awesome video.

The song playing is “Yerba Buena Bump” by Tommy Guerrero.

Via my brothers in arms (keep your pants on boys): Joyengine.

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Parra – Arkitip Project Space

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Bobby from Kitsune Noir strolled into Arktitp’s Project Space in Los Angeles to capture several behind-the-scenes images from the Parra exhibit. It looks like it was a great show and Parra decided to keep it black and white. The above piece was my favorite. Be sure to scroll down at the always wonderful Kitsune Noir to see more images from the exhibition.

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Arkitip Issue No. 0052

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Arkitip has a new issue hitting the pricey ($40) newsstands featuring the work of Steven Harrington. The issue comes with a cover matching bookmark and a scarf. For an extra five bucks, you can also get your issue signed by Harrington, which is kind of a nice little extra deal.

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This is a cool video made by people who are experts on hip and cool things about some really hip and cool guys who make really cool stuff inside of a really cool building located in the city that is considered the mecca of cool and then those cool guys sell some of that cool stuff back to cool people who know about cool things. That is how cool is recycled.

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Arkitip Interviews Kyle Blue

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“Kyle Blue discusses his work as the Design Director of Dwell Magazine, how lessons learned about living and working in modern spaces have influenced the organization of the Dwell offices, and what it takes to have a thriving magazine in the current publishing industry. Kyle is also a reporter for the Arkitip Intel.”

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Steven Harrington for Arkitip

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“Original artwork from Los Angeles artist Steven Harrington is featured in the third installment of the Curated by Arkitip series. Influenced by Time-Life Encyclopedias 1965-1972, thrift stores and the 60s pysch sounds of The Moody Blues, his art might be termed ‘contextual objectivism’. That is, each piece is created as a tangible object symbiotically defined of a larger context.”

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Free Parra Screensaver

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Incase is offering a free Parra screensaver curated by the friendly art lovers responsible for Arkitip.

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