Magomed Dovjenko: Updates

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Magomed Dovjenko is a designer and illustrator I’ve been following for several years now. He is one of those select few who learned to make a name for himself when he was still in his teens and is experiencing quite a bit of success as a commercial designer while still only being in his early twenties. He has since updated his site quite a bit since I last dropped in on his portfolio. His bright, colorful, poppy and pulp-infused work is always worth the inspirational browse.

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Have a Nice Day

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Can’t say much about who ‘ᎻᎪᏤᎬ Ꭺ ᏁᎥᏟᎬ ᎠᎪᎩ‘ really is other than a working artist in Berlin that is doing some lovely work with soft blending abstract color and really that is probably more than enough to say right?

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Six More Vodka: Updates

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Berlin-based film and entertainment illustration and concept art studio Six More Vodka has updated since I last dropped in and good God man is their work amazing. Talk about inspiring, the above image of the Hulk just blew my brain wide open. These people are truly amazing. Be sure to check out their kick ass concept work as well.

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VVSVS: Updates

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Iván Flugelman A.K.A. VVSVS has relocated to Berlin where he has started his own business. He already has an adept body of work to show including some work for notable clients like Subaru and Lady Gaga. It’s a nice combination of solid art direction, 3d and graphic design.

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Old Black: Egyptrixx feat. Ohbijou

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Old Black is a music video for Egyptrixx created by DAT DAT DAT aka Andreas N. Fischer in who is a Berlin based motion designer and 3D animator.

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Jan-Kristof Lipp. Born in 1984, student at University of the Arts (UdK) Berlin, class Prof. Fons Hickmann, former Creative-Director for creative services for the germany-based publishing-house Gestalten, Ultra-Beauty-Operator for the De:BugMagazine and the good visual soul for the young musiclabels WHITE and Aim, Jan bounces back and forth somewhere between chaos theory and visual multi-disciplinary masterplan.

Jan works within a strong network of designers, developers, writers, journalists, musicians, djs and all kinds of good people in creative services.”

Ah to be young and talented.

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Onformative is a studio that was founded by Julia Laub and Cedric Kiefer in Berlin and focuses on generative design solutions covering various types of media and topics. In their portfolio lies some downright unusual but truly brilliant work. There are also some much larger images of their work available in their Flickrfolio.

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Hort: Updates

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Berlin based graphic design agency Hort has updated their already exceptional body of work with some new projects for Nike Basketball and Christina Rosenvinge. They continue to excel at producing simple, contemporary and classic design for print.

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Peachbeach is the work of ‘three village delinquents’ based in Berlin who move fluidly from wall (graffiti) to pencil to screen with some excellent characters readymade for apparel including little gnome farmer hobbits riding squirrels.

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Robert G Bartholot

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Berlin based photographer Robert G Bartholot has a vivid unique style that is attracting big names in the Fashion industry.

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Onlab: Updates

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Berlin based graphic design studio Onlab has had a busy year and updated last month with a few new projects including an attractive set of materials for the Ménage à 3 speaking event at Bauhaus University Wiemar. Talk about a graphic designer’s dream project.

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Skizzomat is a Berlin-based illustration and design run studio by Marie Luise Emmermann. Her fashion photo cut-outs arrange body-parts into strange configurations that still uphold something elegant from the original image. You can see her work at both her studio website or at her blogspot website.

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There are all kinds of fun characters spilling from the mind of Berlin based illustrator Stick-a-thing. The best way to see them all is through his Flickr-folio.

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The graphic design studio Cyan was established in 1992 by daniela haufe and detlef fiedler in berlin. They have a large modernist body of work with a heavy emphasis on typography. There is an impressive cache of posters in their portfolio and you can kill some time looking through the large images of their work.

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Matthias Heiderich

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I am sure you have seen these photographs of Berlin by German photographer Matthias Heiderich before. I actually confused them with some of the photos of ISO50’s Scott Hansen. The photos themselves are just beautiful with both the use of color and refined composition. You can see more in Heiderich’s Behance-folio.

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Fons Schiedon

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I am a designer, director and artist from the Netherlands, living in Berlin.

After graduating college in 2002 I established a company in Amsterdam providing illustration, graphic design and animation for clients such as MTV Asia, Nickelodeon, Submarinechannel, Esquire, Volkskrant Magazine and Park Avenue. This year (2008) I relocated to the German capital. And although I have not stopped working for clients, my primary focus for the moment is on personal work.”

The above video was created as the opener for the 2010 Pictoplasma Festival. You can see more of Fons Schiedon’s videos at his Vimeo page as well.

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Lina Ekstrand

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Lina Ekstrand is a freelance illustrator who splits her time between Sweden and Berlin. In the last few years she has lived and worked in London, Sweden, Mexico and New York. At one point she held an internship at Vault 49. Her work is largely inspired by fashion and she has illustrated for several fashion industry publications.

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Ariel Schlesinger

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Artist Ariel Schlesinger was born in 1980 in Jerusalem and currently lives and works in Berlin. Schlesinger creates extremely strange and profoundly interesting, in a miracle through the mundane kind of way installation art.

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