Das Pop: The Game

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Will Sweeney directed this animated romp (Heavy Metal style) for Das Pop’s single ‘The Game’.

Director: Will Sweeney
Lead Animators: Daniel Britt, Joseph Pelling
Animators: Andy Baker, Tom Bunker, Nicos Livesey
Character Design, Background Illustration: Will Sweeney
Background Illustration: Susumu Mukai

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David Foldvari

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David Foldvari is another Illustrator/Artist that I believe I may have written about on the previous version of my blog. Regardless, I can’t really seem to get enough of his work no matter how often I see it. His skill at combining images with symbolic undertones to create something that becomes forever lodged in the back room of the psyche is unparalleled. He ups the anti by creating most of those images in black and white, almost like a dream. He is an artist who isn’t afraid to show his strokes either and that is always nice for computer jockeys like me. He is based out of North London and apparently hasn’t had a lot of time to tend to his website, he does have a blog however where you can view more of his work in progress. This should come as no surprise either when considering the rest of their roster. He is represented by Big Active.

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Big Active

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Big Active has had a new site online for a few months now which I posted to the old site and blog. They are worth posting again, however because their enormous portfolio just keeps expanding. Now with their Illustrator Siggi Eggertsson providing the design for the new Gnarles Barkley album, their influence keeps spreading. If you were curious who was responsible for the brilliant art for Beck’s last album, wonder no more because it was also Big Active. Spend some time on their site because every click is rewarded by something new, original and inspiring.

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