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Things get a little creepy in the portfolio of artist and illustrator Kreemos. It’s the kind of psychedelic creepy that I like though.

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Martin Stavars

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Cities stand silently serene forever immortalized in stunning black and white as captured by the remarkable eye of Polish photographer Martin Stavars. Breathtaking images.

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Silver and Light

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“This project was created with the same spirit that america was founded on. Our intentions are to connect everyone in america through the lens of this camera and social networking sites. We can’t do this without you. We want to tell your story and show your city or town through photographs of you, and people you know. As we travel around america looking for people and places to shoot you will be able to keep track of where we are going and help us decide where we go next. Join us in our journey by liking our facebook to get yourself photographed by us.

An extra special thanks to Brandon Rein, Scotty Hoffman and Trevor Atwater.”

A truly glorious project by Ian Ruhter.


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Daniel Castaneda

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Photographer Daniel Castañeda is a master at capturing a lonely, contemplative, slightly eery yet etherial mood. He tends to lean towards black and white for the purpose of emotional affect.

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Slot K

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Slot. K is a Taiwan talent whose work draws inspiration from fashion, the 70s and the ever-dramatic combination of Black and White. It all comes together in a memorable surf through the Flickr Photostream.

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Gif of the Day

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Uhh. Hmm. Yeah, no comment really on this one except for WTF maybe? But WTF in a kind of awesome inspiring way.

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Greg Ponchak: Updates

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Photographer Greg Ponchak has updated with more darkly serene and mystical black and white images. I am amazed by his ability to seemingly capture images like this on the fly. He has a real eye for composition and drama.

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Greg Ponchak: Updates

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Photographer Greg Ponchak has updated his website with some quiet and contemplative new black and white imagery from his travels and life experience. I like how he has used subtle color on his website to single out his imagery as well.

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Spaceknuckle: Updates

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One of our favorite KDU-backed black and white pop-culture enthusiast illustrators Josh Vanover sent us word this morning that he had updated his ever-inspiring body of work at Spaceknuckle. Design copywriter Matthew Newton recently interviewed Josh at the always-amazing blog and online design zine Computer Love as well. Wicked evil good stuff homie, thanks for the heads up.

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Nicole Cote

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Nicole Cote is a very young photographer with some very mature imagery in her portfolio. Her black and white photos in particular are strikingly beautiful and leave a narrative opening for the view to create their own story around each image.

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Kazuki Takamatsu

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Kazuki Takamatsu creates some of the most unusual and quietly contemplative black and white illustrations I have seen in a very long time. They are like a frozen moment from a strange dream and each one is wildly gorgeous.

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Mitch Dobrowner

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Mitch Dobrowner is a landscape photographer who has some absolutely gorgeous black and white imagery in his portfolio. The images are almost alien in their serene and subtle contrasts. He has somehow been able to capture the quiet stoicism of nature in a contemplative way that will make you want to get out from behind your computer and go explore. He also has some urban work that is equally alien and beautiful. It was impossible to choose an image that represents his body of work. I swear that every last image is a work of art. Serious talent and an amazing and wondrous eye.

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Snjezana Josipovic

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Blurry, brooding and retro-inspired imagery fills the portfolio of young photographer Snjezana Josipovic.

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Alexsander Kostenko

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Alexsander Kostenko has some really well executed and expressive black and white character illustration work in his Behance-folio. Really great line work.

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Wow, I don’t know how I could have missed or have never heard of Josh Vanover (Spaceknuckle) before but his work in black and white is fantastic. I was immediately inspired by it to go out and create something.

That skateboard deck is haute.

Thank you so much for the link Alisha.

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Rami Neimi

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Hip black and white illustrations from Rami Neimi.

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