Savvy Studio

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Mexican design studio Savvy is churning out some closely considered branding work. They list capabilities in Marketing, Communication, Graphic Design, Industrial Design and Architecture truly lending credence to the term ‘multi-disciplinary’.

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Uniform is a brand communications agency based in Liverpool with a portfolio full of inspirational work. They have a wonderful little video on their homepage that explains their agency. Good stuff.

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Largetype is the playground and blog of designer Matt Stevens. He has a portfolio website and a storefront as well but there are some wonderful things happening at his play space.

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Wow there is some very nice work in the portfolio of Argentinian motion design studio 2veinte. I had never heard of them until we received word about them via an email submission and I gotta say they have done some great work and it looks like they have the talent to do much more.

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Sam Dallyn: Updates

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Sam Dallyn just makes beautiful things. Those things range all over the place from clocks, to print campaigns to business cards but each one of them addresses a highly considered, clean and contemporary aesthetic that makes his work stand out as a whole immediately upon viewing the home page of his website.

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Dixon Baxi is a studio that really inspires us at Changethethought. They are uncompromising in their quest to do the best work possible for their clients and impact the bottom line all while maintaining the integrity of their aesthetic. They have recently updated their site with new and as always inspiring projects.

Here is a quote from a Dixon Baxi client that is proof of the pudding:
“DixonBaxi helped MTV2 find its balls again. They helped us to refine the MTV2 brand positioning, to fuse the channel with attitude and deliver a radical on-air look that was visually striking. And our audience loved it. Our ratings increased immediately and it is without doubt the freshest looking channel in the music section of the EPG.”
– Chris Sice
VP Programming and Development
MTV Channels

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Snask: Updates

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Stockholm-based Brand, Design and Film agency Snask has updated their portfolio of work recently with some tasty new print and branding projects. It’s a colorful affair with an attention to the big picture spread throughout numerous materials created for each client.

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Accept & Proceed: Updates

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Somewhere out there along the journey Accept and Proceed became a great design studio. Everything is clean and accounted for and no space or negative space goes unconsidered.

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Maddison Graphic: Updates

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Maddison Graphic is a small design studio formed by brothers Edward and Alfie Maddison based in Ely, Cambridgeshire. They have recently updated with some new work to their portfolio including this absolutely lovely little poster they printed and mailed to us. We were thrilled as it is clearly a striking and colorful piece of design. Now we just have to find a proper frame since we don’t use the isometric paper system here across the pond. Thank you so much for the poster guys. We love it.

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The Consult: Updates

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Brand design agency The Consult has been recently updating their exceptional portfolio with new examples of inspiring print pieces. They are very good at what they do and worth keeping tabs on.

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Everything: Updates

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Auckland, New Zealand based design agency Everything has updated with some exceptional branding work. Overall, they keep things simple, bright and sharp. They don’t shy away from color but wield it when it works to enliven their client’s brand. It’s an inspiring body of considered work that any studio would be proud of.

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Darren Firth

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Well there is no real arguing the talent of designer Darren Firth and you can start with his roster of experience to get a measure of his talent. Firth is the original founder of Occupy (then WIWP and is also a co founder and art director of the UK based studio, Six. He has updated with a long elegant scroll of brilliantly considered graphic design on his website. It’s all very understated, European and beautifully executed with a degree of confident maturity.

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In House Design

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New Zealand based studio In House Design has updated with some lovely new print and branding work for several clients. It’s all tightly considered work that makes great use of typography. You can’t miss with the font Black Slabbath.

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Australian design agency Cornwell has updated with several new branding projects that feature a clean use of typography. They even managed to make some of that typography out of living vegetation which isn’t something you see every day.

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Philadelphia-based advertising/branding agency 160over90 does some slick work for some big brands. I realize I have rarely posted ad agencies this last year but I thought their work stood out. Perhaps you will feel the same.

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Maddison Graphic

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Maddison Graphic is a small design studio that was established in 2006 by brothers Edward and Alfie Maddison, and is based in Ely, Cambridgeshire. There is some strong, clean and classic branding work in their portfolio.

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Original Champions of Design

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NY based design consultancy Original Champions of Design has rebranded the Girls Scouts of USA. It was a subtle rebrand but the rollout of the system included the creation and implementation of some well executed patterns. I think it was an intelligent approach to such a daunting project that involved such an iconic brand.

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It’s been a very long time since my last post about Australian design agency War and they have recently updated with some stellar graphic design work. New additions to their portfolio include the beautiful packaging design for Construction Technologies Australia.

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