Luke Elliot

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Recent Nottingham Trent University graduate Luke Elliott has some nice print and branding work already in his book. If someone hasn’t staffed him yet, I would recommend looking into picking up his talent if you have an opening in your agency or studio. He’s only going to get better with experience.

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Draplin BP Redesign

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Draplin Design Co. took a little swing at a logo redesign for BP or rather just a swing at BP. Couldn’t help but mention it since I share their sentiment.

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Volume 2a

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Simon Bent is Volume 2a. A name under which he produces some clean and cracking typographical and print work.

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Design Studio

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Design Studio are exactly what they say they are. They are based in London and have a nice body of branding and editorial work. If you are a fan of print, you will appreciate their work.

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Matte is a retail branding boutique based in the heart of Amsterdam specializing in the strategic positioning of products and services.

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Swedish design and branding studio A-B-D has a small but impressive body of design and branding work including some amazing packaging for Delights of Sweden and store concept work for H&M.

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Manual Creative

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Manual is a graphic design and branding consultancy based in San Francisco. Our approach is tailored to every project and is always grounded in clarity, simplicity, and beautifully crafted design.”

Manual is not playing. They have an exquisite body of work that would make any graphic designer salivate.

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Modern Publicity

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London-based design consultancy, Modern Publicity was established by Ken Leung, the founding Art Director of Monocle magazine. The MP portfolio is relatively small but puts in an impressive showing for branding work with some highly considered print pieces. There is a wedding invitation in their portfolio that was one of the most impressive I have ever seen.

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Marque Creative

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It’s been a very long time since I have dropped in on multi-disciplinary studio Marque Creative they have since been very busy producing some clean and beautiful new print projects. It also appears they have updated with a new website as well allowing the viewer some nice large views of their work which is always appreciated.

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A Friend of Mine: Updates

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Suzy Tuxen has updated with new projects in the portfolio of her studio A Friend of Mine. The studio is based in Melbourne and has been consistently turning out some beautifully considered graphic design and branding work.

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Spanish design and branding studio Anagrama has added a lot of work to their portfolio since I last posted about them and browsed through their book. There is some excellent design and typography work coming out of this studio and picking through their projects will yield a heavy dose of inspiration.

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Cardiff based Departures is an independent branding and graphic design studio with a highly considered body of beautiful work. The passion for what they do comes shining through in the execution of their craft.

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King Duane

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Duane King is a designer, thinker & writer.”

King’s thinking aligns his highly considered design work and it is exhibited beautifully in the same fashion as the recently relaunched website Thinking For A Living coded by CSS master and in-and-out sometimes Denver local Ian Coyle.

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Design and branding agency Kutchibok Ltd has some sublime design work in their portfolio all of which is beautifully realized and highly considered.

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Paul Fox Design

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Paul Fox is a ‘multi-disciplinary’ (there’s that word again) designer currently available for freelance positions. With a squeaky clean body of color-popping work I think any smart client would deem Fox’s work worthy of an A+. Alright, I know but I just couldn’t resist myself.

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Acme Industries

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Bucharest-based ‘brand aesthetics’ company Acme Industries has an inspired body of design work taking a different approach to each project in order to achieve the best solution and highest vision for each client.

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Socio Design

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Socio Design just emailed that they have posted new work in their updated website and it looks stunning. Socio Design is a London-based design consultancy specializing in graphic design, web design, art direction and branding. Their new site is clean and smooth and also stocked with equally clean and smooth portfolio work. Top notch all around. I was very pleased to get the email this morning. It sparked my inspiration for the day.

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21-19: Updates

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21-19 has updated with a new website and several new projects in their portfolio including a strong rebrand package for Comedy Channel. They score high marks across the board for both motion and static design (that was a rare sports reference the likes of which you will probably seldom here on this blog).

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