Lucas Simoes

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Just when you think you have seen about all you could bear from the collage trend you stumble upon work from someone like Brazilian artist Lucas Simões and are once again ensnared.

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Classic is the word that comes to mind when trying to describe the work of Brazilian design agency Campo. Their work is simply that and it’s an inspiring browse of clean, contemporary and well-executed graphic design.

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Brazilian illustrator Zansky has an almost lithographic/wood block quality about some of his work. It’s very tactile and feels like if you ran your hand across one in print a little ink might rub off on your fingers. There is more than one trick up the Zansky sleeve however as there is also a bit of design peppered in throughout the portfolio.

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Lobo: Updates

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Brazilian graphic design and animation studio Lobo has been animating graphics since the very idea of doing so started to become fashionable (at least in the capacity that it is done today). They have recently completed several new projects for several large clients that you can check out at their website. They have stayed at the top of their game and are still one of the very best in the business.

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It’s been a long time since I wrote about Brazilian design and creative studio Firmorama. They have since updated with a very slick website as well as an even slicker body of design work. It’s all very bright, fun and exciting. How much fun would it be to live in Southern Brazil producing excellent design?

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Nando Costa: FOTB 2010 Titles

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You can thank Nando Costa for this compelling title sequence for this years Flash on the Beach event which I had honestly never heard of until I watched these titles. Nando is extraordinarily talented in the realm of motion and animation. He used metals with magnetic properties to accomplish this sequence and I especially enjoyed how the style and video do the heavy lifting while the typography is treated so exquisitely simple that it almost isn’t there. It’s a delicate balance that works very well.

I recently emailed Nando about my own studio but alas, never got a response. Well, here’s to him and his work regardless because I consider him one of the very best in the field.

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Facu Samman

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From what little I can gather from Facu Samman’s website is that he is Brazlian (or Portuguese) and an illustrator, 3D artist and animator. He’s most likely young as his portfolio reflects that but he is definitely doing some interesting things and could be rolling out a much more aggressive portfolio in the future. Definitely someone to check back on in the coming months.

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Rafael Morinaga is a motion designer from Minas Gerais, Brazil. He has a wildly colorful portfolio of trendy but highly expressionistic and sometimes experimental project work. It’s all part and parcel for the great wave of design sweeping it’s way across Brazil where lately some very colorful, fun and exciting work seems to keep pouring out.

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Finzo is a Brazilian illustrator currently living in Milan. His full name is Leandro Lima and at the tender age of 22 he is already filling his Flickr-folio with some uniquely styled illustration work that is worth taking a peek at.

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Rogerio Lionzo

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Brazilian Designer/Art Director /Illustrator Rogerio Lionzo is currently working at Syrup in New York City . While living in Brazil he was one of the founders and Art Directors at Mopa studio. He recently updated his website and portfolio with some new stylish and trendy project work.

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Eduardo Recife: Updates

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Famed designer/illustrator Eduardo Recife (Misprinted Type) has updated his personal site with more of his expertly composed collages that have influenced designer and illustrators alike the world over going on for a very long time now. He never disappoints.

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Studio Grima

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Brazilian design and photography studio Grima has a small but interesting body of work. There is not a lot in their book but what is there shows that they have a wide range of capabilities and take a unique approach to each project.

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Brazilian design agency Pianofuzz sent in a link to their interesting work that lives within an equally interesting website. I am not entirely sure, to be totally honest, if I like their website but it is different and in a way makes you more curious about who they are and what they do.

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Untitled Army

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Brazilian Lucas Camargo A.K.A. ‘Flash’ is currently a Senior Art Director for F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi. He has a wild and varied body of work that features a vivid imagination and some really raw talent. He more than capable of shifting from pencil to screen and does so in style.

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Fernando Volken Togni: Updates

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Brazilian illustrator Fernando Volken Togni has updated his portfolio lately with more of his vector collage work. It’s bright and colorful and he is sticking to his guns on they style he is choosing to work in. It definitely makes for a fun portfolio to browse through.

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Ricardo Actus

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Brazilian artist/illustrator Ricardo Actus prefers to use his hands and a pencil. His work is expressive and he isn’t afraid to let his emotions show.

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Brazilian design studio Quinta-feira which means ‘Thursday’ in Portuguese are cranking out a heavy dose of graphic design for print and editorial and have managed to amass a nice body of contemporary design work. I wrote about them way back in 2008 but they have continued cranking out good work since.

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Brazilian motion studio Animatorio have a bright, fun, dramatic and sometimes comedic body of work that is bursting with personality.

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