Pop Pop Bang

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“A collaboration between creative director Anna Burns and the photographer Thomas Brown. Through the use of various mediums the pair have curated an exhibition that explores the masculine world of B-Movies and juxtaposed it with the traditional British landscape. Using the themes of said movies – girls, guns and explosives – and twisting it against a very British backdrop these two challenge not only the premise of each subject but also the use of their chosen medias. The duo created a wall of umbrellas displaying elements of the classic B-Movie and located them within three landscapes – one being the forest, then London’s docklands and finally the grounds of Suffolk Manor house.”

Director – Thomas Brown
Creative Direction/ Concept – Anna Burns

Music – Meanred
DOP – Ryan Hopkinson & Tom Turley tomtdop.com
Editing – Ryan Hopkinson, Mariana Delellis, Alex Berry and Thomas Brown
Colorist – David Andrews @ Phoenix Bespoke, Alex Berry @ Ladoja & Sons
Camera assistant – Sam Hofman, James Bryant, Anthony Prothero
Rigging – Karmer Set building Ltd

Compositing and Title Design – Mari Delellis Lopes, Laurie Gibbs
Art Department Assistants – Cera Macy, Glenda Goldschmied, Katherine Webb, Robert Eaton, Louise Porter, Michelle Yarham, Nicole Grey, Gemma Banks
Logisical Support and show installation – Karmer Set building
Huge Thanks – Tim Sillis, Abi Hodson @ 167 Productions, Location Partnership, The Crossleys at Somerleyton, FCP students at Saint Martin’s, David Payne and Trevor Smith.

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Sam Green: Updates

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Sam Green has been an influence in the past on my approach to illustration work. For a time I would work first in graphite and finish my imagery in Photoshop to create a soft look as is what I suspect Green does to generate his imagery. Green is the master of this approach though and he continues to evolve the style into even more rich and surreal imagery. He has recently updated his portfolio with more of the same goodness and a browse will no doubt yield a heavy dose of inspiration for those looking to break into the world of contemporary illustration.

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Ben Newman

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British illustrator Ben Newman has some super fun and somewhat retro-inspired work in his portfolio. He also has an online shop of prints available including the excellent print above available at fairly reasonable (in British pounds) prices.

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Paul Barnes

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Paul Barnes is a unique breed of graphic designer specializing in typography and publication design. In the early 90s he worked for Roger Black redesigning Newsweek, U.S. and British Esquire and Foreign Affairs. At the same time he was art directing Esquire Gentleman and U&lc. Later he also art directed Spin.

Since 1995 he has lived and worked in London closely with Peter Saville creating identities for Givenchy, ‘Original Modern’ for Manchester as well as several music-based projects for bands such as New Order, Joy Division, gay Dad and Bjork.

He is a recipient of the Black Pencil from the D&AD and was nominated for the Design Museum ‘Designer of the Year’ in September of 2006 and was named one of the 40 most influential designers under 40 in Wallpaper. The following year the Guardian named him as one of the 50 best designers in Britain.

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Keith Tyson

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There is really no rhyme or reason to the work of British artist Keith Tyson. His work reads like spillage from an everflowing stream of subconscious visions and memory. It is hard to believe that it all has anything to do with a single individual. All of it is interesting and thought provoking.

His website can be a little frustrating. Try using the quick nav at the bottom of the screen and be sure to click on the images of his work to see larger views.

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Us Design Studio

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There is some fascinating work on display from the no doubt highly intelligent minds behind Us Design Studio. The British trio, comprised of Christopher Barrett, Edward Heal and Luke Taylor founded their studio last year and have already amassed a body of thought provoking work.

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