Small Deer: In the headlights

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If you have been wondering where some of the exceptional motion/broadcast work has been coming from for Nike lately, it appears that a share of it has been coming from Broadcast Agency, Small Deer. There is some exceptional work up at their modest website. It’s worth browsing through and probably calling them if you are in the market for a good motion agency for your next project.

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Life Long Friendship Society is killing it right now. They are a Brookly-based motion agency, who does a little print on the side but they really defy any and all explanation. They have been working with a lot of large agencies as of late, as you can see by this brilliant new spot produced in partnership with Goodby Silverstein. They have been on my radar for some time already and a writer I often work with at Cactus has really latched onto them as something special. We have them high on our list in the creative department at Cactus as someone we would like to work with in the very near future. They are really mastering their craft as of late and their site has had a continual stream of new work on it. All of it is original and enjoyable.

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