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It’s been a week and a half now but Bordo Bello went down really well this year. There was a big attendance and there were some really great boards in the show. It was great to see that some of the boards were going for some relatively high prices as well and it was great knowing that money was going to charity. We submitted 3 boards that worked as a tryptic. You can see them above. They were really nothing more than a simple homage to one of our favorite movies of all time (and one of the best movies of all time in our opinion). You can view images of all of the boards here and also take a peak at some pictures from the event here.

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According to the about section at Kharma, they seem to like and be interested in a lot of the things we are. On top of being design geeks, they also like to do good and have the chops to pull together an impressive cast of designers, illustrators and artists to produce some excellent t-shirts. It gets even better though because a significant portion of every purchase goes directly to charity. So you get to support your favorite designer while giving to charity. That’s a pretty good deal.

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The Haiti Poster Project

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Moxie Sozo, the organizer of the 2005 Hurricane Poster Project, has teamed up with Josh Higgins, the organizer of the 2007 So-Cal Fire Project to produce the 2010 Haiti Poster Project.

The Haiti Poster Project seeks limited edition sets of posters from artists, designers and design firms from around the world. The donated posters will be sold online to raise money for Doctors Without Borders”

The posters go on sale April 5th. There are some beautiful posters there and it all goes to support an important cause. I am still hoping to have something to them by May as well. So stay tuned for that and in the meantime create your own poster and purchase one from your favorite artist (mine is Christopher David Ryan of Atmostheory).

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The Haiti Poster Project

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THE HAITI POSTER PROJECT seeks limited edition sets of posters from artists, designers and design firms from around the world. The donated posters will be sold online to raise money for Doctors Without Borders. As designers, we have the collective ability to do what we love, AND to create a difference. THE HAITI POSTER PROJECT has been conceived as a collective effort by the design community to unite and effect change through our work. In order for this project to be successful, we are counting on designer participation. Our goal is to raise at least: $1,000,000 for Doctors Without Borders.”

They are currently seeking submissions. I will be working something up in the following weeks. Lets hope they can reach their goal.

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Part of It

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“Founded in 2007 by Christopher Sleboda and Kathleen Burns, Part of It works with artists to create products for causes they are passionate about. Sales from products benefit charities chosen by the artists.

Part of It stems from our belief that artists (and conscientious consumers) can make a positive difference in the world by supporting causes close to their heart. Expressions of protest, simple declarations, moving graphics that encourage conversation and dialogue—there are many ways to enter into and encourage civic discourse. We believe activism can be fun, personal, beautiful and engaging; we can all play a part in making a better world for ourselves, for our communities, and for future generations.”

There are some nice things for sale crafted by some very talented people at Part of It. Do your concience good while supporting artists that you appreciate.

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Toms Shoes

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Toms Shoes are shoes that support an amazing cause. For every pair of Toms Shoes sold they send a pair of shoes to a child in need. Since 2006, they have given 10,000 pairs to children in Argentina and 50,000 pairs in South Africa. This year they plan on giving at least 200,000 pairs of shoes to impoverished children around the world. Above you can see an actual shoe drop in Argentina back in 2006. This company is sincere in their cause. They are really trying to do something meaningful here that helps those in need.

It’s stuff like this that really pulls at my heart strings. Some people talk, others do. It’s wonderful to see someone doing something like this not because they have to but because they can. It’s the right way to conduct a business and it should stand as a real inspiration.

Thank you for the note from Minor Details.

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