Fragments of Iceland

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A short film by Lea Amiel and Nicolas Libersalle

Music Credits : To build a Home by The Cinematic Orchestra

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Bon Iver: Halocene

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Honestly, I don’t think it’s possible for this video to more perfectly match and even describe the music of Bon Iver. Absolutely beautiful cinematography.

Directed by: NABIL.com
Dp: Larkin Seiple
Editor: Isaac Hagy
Label: Jagjaguwar
Post: Peter Sauvey, Gustavo BKR
Producer: Jill Hammer
rep: Lark Creative
color: Marshall Plante
Production Co: NE Direction

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8 Hours in Brooklyn

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All footage was shot within an 8 hour span in Brooklyn, NYC. Several of these shots will be used in part w/ a series of spots we are directing/producing which will be released sometime in the near future.

Check out our blog for more info:

Director/Cinematographer: Jonathan Bregel
Color Grade: Khalid Mohtaseb
Production NGAFers: Dan Selby, Jesse Korman, Chris Dowsett
Executive Producer: James Douglas
Production Company: Next Level Pictures

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Be Linen

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Benoit spent some time on this one and his dedication shows.

Director _ Benoit Millot _ lepotagerdesign.com
Production_Goodideas – goodideas.fr
Images _ Benoit Millot et Sébastien Jousse
Écriture _ Sébastien Jousse et Benoit Millot
Montage_ Franck Littot
Ingénieurs du son_ Arnaud Devillers _Jérôme Pierrot_Christophe Millet
Charles Ludig_Olivier Millo_ Louis Boulloche
Interprète_Simona Calza
Garphisme After Effect_ Nicolas Lichtlé
Sound Design & mixage_ Pocket Studio
Musique_ Cezame music agency_ cezame-fle.com

Agence _Villadelesia&Co – villadalesiaandco.com
Client_CELC Masters Of Linen – linenandhempcommunity.eu

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Chiemgau is the region where DP/cinematographer Mario Feil lives. It’s between Munich and Salzburg in the very south of Bavaria. He compiled this video from several shots gathered from around the region combining slides (real time and timelapse) done with the Kesslercrane Cineslider (Oracle Controller, Electra drive) to create this stunning video with music by Nouvelle Vague.

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Dark Side of the Lens

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Good stuff by Astray Films.

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Benjamin Steiger Levine

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Benjamin Steiger Levine

One of the newest ADC Young Guns, Benjamin Steiger Levine produces some of the most captivating video and cinematic work I’ve seen in such a long time. Inventive, fresh, and paired with music tracks of equal spark. While his website is limited in content, this is a perfect example of quality over quantity. If you know more about Levine, please share!

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Michael Stine

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Cinematographer, Michael Stine specializes in lighting for motion picture and camera operation, along with digital SLR photography. He sent his reel in this morning and not only is it great work, it is a part of the business that doesn’t always receive the attention it deserves.

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Simian Mobile Disco – Audacity of Huge

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I couldn’t take my eyes off of this unusual video. The interplay between color fields and the usage of contrast is first rate. There’s some real art going on here. There is also some nice usage of typography peppered in for good measure. I am curious if this was shot digitally or on film. Either way it’s great work.

Directed by Kate Moross & Jo Apps
Art Director / Kate Moross
Editor / Jo Apps
Produced by Kate Moross & Jo Apps for ISO Films
First Assistant Director / Hans Lo
Director of Photography / David Procter
Camera Assist + Gaffer / Ryan Hopkinson
Tom Turley / Red Tech
Art Department / Jack Featherstone
Art Department Assist / Maddy Worthington
Animation / Rob Jones
Grade / Urban Ström
Stylist / Donna Rooney
Make Up / Gina Blondelle

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