Masha Rumyantseva

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Russian illustrator collage artist Masha Rumyantseva has an interesting perspective primarily fueled by a bygone slightly naive era that seems slightly sad when put into the modern cynical techno-industrial societal complex.

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Erik Mansson

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Erik Månsson or Erik M▲nsson as he calls himself at his Flickrfolio is from Norrköping, Sweden where he is making some very interesting collages that make you question his interpretation of the source material and how he magically arrived at the strange final output of his final work.

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Vinyl Williams

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Lionel Williams does not believe in fantasy, he believes in vast reality. He’s creating his own reality by appropriated found imagery into some fascinating image collages that you can see in his Flickrfolio.

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Boogieman Media

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There are some straight up crazy psychedelic collages happening in the Flickrfolio of Boogieman Media. I mean lightening, aliens and just outright craziness.

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William Crump

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Artist William Crump is a multi-faceted talent capable of collaging strange found object imagery as well as drawing some excellent graphite imagery all of which vibrates with a strange, soft yet psychedelic undertone.

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Vincent Pacheco who calls himself Mudchicken has updated with a lot of new work at his interesting website and portfolio. It’s more a spilling of ideas than anything and seems to function as a kind of archival assembly of sorts. The piece above definitely spoke to me.

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Brent Hildy

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There are some strangely divine things in the Flickrfolio of Brent Hildy including photography, collage and a screen print on wood that I’d be happy to hang on my wall.

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Mario Wagner

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I don’t know if it’s just trendy to say that you are ‘so over collage right now’ but just when I try to say it to myself I discover another collage artist I respond too. There is something very ‘now’ about collage in that there is so much visual clutter out there now with the internet. Soon that information will be streamed through window advertising offering up an internet-archived smorgasbord of information. It seems to make sense to want to rearrange all of that imagery into something more meaningfully abstract. And Mario Wagner is doing that but adding a little splash of pop color.

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Stone and Spear

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Stone and Spear is the portfolio of London, UK based illustrator and designer Simon Cook. He primarily arranges simple, bold and colorful graphics with fun and sometimes retro photography. It’s a formula for a playful book of work.

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Clark Goolsby

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Clark Goolsby attended the University of California, San Diego and graduated with a BFA in Fine Arts in 2002. Since then he has developed an interesting style that employs mixing several mediums to create some striking abstract expressionistic pop art.

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Arian Behzadi

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Arian Behzadi is currently a Biological Sciences major with an emphasis in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior at UC Davis. He also hosts a weekly radio show on KDVS Radio and is also currently interning at the Same Day Surgery Center at the UCD Medical Center. All of this is happening while he is in turn creating wonderful little collages and commissioned design work making a rather unique personality.

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Alex Fischer

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Alex Fischer composes his figures and landscapes by assembling a variety of visual and conceptual sources. Keeping in mind that ideas of the future are inevitably the fastest to change, Fischer maintains that human nature is a fallible and susceptible state.”

Fischer’s collages (if that is how they can actually be described) are strangely surreal and extremely painterly. They are sometimes eerie and kinetic as if they are capturing movement. His work does recall some influence from Francis Bacon but it’s as if Chagall and Bacon shared a nightmare that transformed into a surrealist dream.

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German design studio Aim is putting out some interesting work including some digital collages that should inspire an exprimental Photoshop exploration or two.

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Lucas Simoes

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Just when you think you have seen about all you could bear from the collage trend you stumble upon work from someone like Brazilian artist Lucas Simões and are once again ensnared.

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Skizzomat is a Berlin-based illustration and design run studio by Marie Luise Emmermann. Her fashion photo cut-outs arrange body-parts into strange configurations that still uphold something elegant from the original image. You can see her work at both her studio website or at her blogspot website.

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Sam Chirnside

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21 year old Sam Chirnside is a 2nd year Visual Communication major at Monash University. He’s fond of spiritually-inspired collage that although skews a little trendy still manages to communicate in a simple and universal way. He just updated his portfolio as well.

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Jonas Bergstrand: Updates

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London bases Stockholm born retro-inspired illustrator Jonas Bergstrand has put a few new bits in his book lately and as always they are a lot of fun to look at. His work I mean, not his bits.

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Michael Ostermann

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Michael Ostermann is experimenting with numerous styles of illustration in his Flickr-folio including image collages and digital paintings. All of his imagery is colorful, interesting and imaginative.

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