Atomic Tom

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“Official music video for the movie “Take Me Home Tonight” featuring Topher Grace, Anna Faris, Teresa Palmer, Dan Fogler, Demetri Martin, and more.” Music by Atomic Tom and of course the video also features Alf.

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Merry Xmas Licorice Stick-Style

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Licorice Stick from Comedy Centrals Chocolate News – watch more funny videos

We just wanted to say thank you for visiting our blog and continuing to support us. This next year will no doubt be one for us to remember. My wife and I are having our son in February so I’ll only be a month into 2011 before my life will change in a gigantic way. I have been joined by two amazing partners this year to embark upon launching the Changethethought studio and we have already worked on some exciting projects for some big brands this past year. We are looking forward to what is coming next in 2011. My Partner and Executive Creative Director and I have to share our favorite studio lightening video from the past few months. Anytime we are stressed, tired or frustrated we play this brilliant skit from David Alan Grier as pornstar ‘Licorice Stick’ Mayfield sharing all of the famous porn sex positions that he invented over his ‘long’ illustrious pornstar career.

It’s a strange little gift from us to you, but we really do wish you all happy holidays and are excited to see where we will go in 2011.

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Halloween Propoganda

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Lookout everybody. It’s Halloween and things could get crazy. Pumpkins, murder, satan and candy! There’s a time and a place for everything I guess. Have fun and happy Halloween.

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Every Oscar-Winning Movie Ever

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This is brought to you by the comedic-duo BriTANicK. Who at their website claim to be ‘two guys wasting their degrees’. I would say ‘hardly’ to that with material like this little gem that is smartly written and totally hilarious. Someone is going to be calling them over this one and hopefully paying them for some new material because this is good stuff.

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Snapple Facts

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People ask me sometimes what it is like to be in advertising and I often stammer trying to find the best way to explain it. The words ‘over’ and ‘analytical’ often surface but sometimes and illustration works better. I found one that you can watch above. It is like that sometimes, minus the swearing anyway.

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