Its Nice That Issue 1

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Design/Illustration/Art and Art Culture blog It’s nice that has printed a 128 page book simply titled ‘It’s Nice That  Issue 1‘ that encompasses art and interviews from their favorite artists and designers that have appeared on their blog over the last 2 years. It’s Nice That covers a more tangible hands on and usually less digital side of the design industry than I tend to gravitate too, but I have been a fan of their site since it launched and they were a big inspiration for me to start this blog. They are really great people sincerely devoted to a real passion for art and design. Looking at the roster of people appearing in the book (including some personal favorites of mine), I have little doubt that for only $15 (American) it will be more than worth the purchase price. Not to mention that it is really a donation to a great group of people who provide the free service of daily thoughtfully curated inspiration.

It’s Nice That Issue 1 will feature work from, among several others Peter Callesen, Bryan Dalton, Karl Grandin, Happypets, Myoung Ho Lee, Oliver Jeffers, PES, Alex Trochut, Julien Vallee and Felice Varini. It also includes interviews with Jacob Dahlgren, Hort, Michael Hughes, Riitta Ikonen, Hugo & Marie, Andy Rementer and Roel Wouters as well as features by Andreas Konrath, Tao Lin, Rob Ryan, Stewart Smith and Ian Wright. That’s some lineup with some really heavy hitters in their that are sure to inspire. 

Congratulations to It’s Nice That on the project. I know I will be looking forward to issue 2 in the hopefully not-so-distant future.

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Sizes May Vary

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This book references the varying standardized formats and systems used within graphic design.

Part sketchbook, part reference book and part notebook – it is a space for composing and visualizing layouts, sketching and developing ideas, taking reference and making note.

Sizes May Vary has been published in two editions, International and US.
The content within each edition is location specific.

Detailed thumbnail illustrations for composing and visualizing layouts.
– incl. stationery, mail, audio/video & data packaging, browser windows, banner ads, press ads, posters & billboards.
Gridded paper, blank paper and ‘pp’ signature sheets for sketching and exploring ideas.
A detailed written reference of worldwide standardised formats and systems.
Note paper for expanding and personalising the reference.
A ‘quick reference’ poster of standard international paper sizes.
A CD containing copyright free editable vector files of all illustrations.

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