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You just have to take your hat off to Dvein. They keep producing unexpected and rather undefinable yet totally original work. It’s always interesting and it looks like they must be having a great time producing it. Hats off.

This particular piece is to celebrate the 100th issue of IdN magazine (idnworld.com/ ​100/​).

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Dvein: Updates

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Barcelona based motion and interactive studio Dvein has updated with some excellent idents for SyFy along with a host of other new and exceptional projects.

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Dvein: F5 Titles

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This title sequence was created by Barcelona-based Dvein for the F5 festival in NYC on April 16th and 17th, 2009. Visit f5fest.com

Direction and Animation: Dvein
Music: Antfood

Dvein’s creative approach:
“When we were invited to make the F5 titles, we wanted them match the eclectic spirit of the conference. The idea was to get the soul of the speakers into the titles in some way.

“We asked each speaker to name five objects that inspire them or has something to do with their work. We received all kinds of answers—really interesting objects that gave us a great starting point: wind turbines, microscopes, lights, smoke, lamb rib cage, French bulldog…

“The speakers didn’t know what their answers would be used for, but they were the seed for our story. In this way, all the speakers added their bit. There is not a unique authorship but rather a multiple collaboration.”

Wow. Amazing work.

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Dvein has been making some design headlines as of late and now they have a website online. Dvein is a motion and interactive studio based out of a city I am dreaming of one day residing in, Barcelona. They provide art direction, design and animation for cinema, broadcast and music videos. They are also capable of storyboarding and co-developing at the conceptual phase. They consider themselves an open minded studio in an open minded city and are down to get in on at the proposal level as well. There work shows some amazing talent and their website is also very intuitively designed.

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