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Some time ago Eric Smith was diagnosed with cancer. At first the human part of his being tried to reject the disease and put himself at the mercy of the situation. However, his spirit knew that even cancer could not separate him from the harmony and love that he attempted to find in each day. The duality provided a separation between the physical and spiritual that came with the realization that the spirit is eternal. This made him aware of each moment and has continued to push him to live each day as if it were his entire life. The experience gave him cause to start the Live Now project which serves as a community pursuing the notion of ‘living now’ through art, literature, relationships and exhibitions.

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I Draw All Day

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Eric Smith is a very nice young man who lives in the green state of Washington and accepts freelance work under the name ‘I Draw All Day‘. He began drawing very young at the age of 5. He grew up pursuing creative from then on and eventually studied art and design at Central Washington University where he graduated in 2002. He currently works 8-5 for a technology company where he designs websites and software graphics. Eric considers himself a simple man who strays from going over the top. He is a dreamer who always has some ideas floating a round in his mind. He tries his best to be funny and feels very loved by his wife and family. He likes a good Americano and lives for truth.

I say good on you Eric. You sound like a great guy. Consequently, this great guy has some great posters for sale at his site as well.

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