Eric Yahnker: Updates

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Painter Eric Yahnker has posted some new work to his website, maybe not his most cerebral but still at the level of craftsmanship that his audience has come to expect. His work still continues to inspire.

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Eric Yahnker: Updates

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Artist Eric Yahnker has updated with some new and oh-so-very strange psychedelic charcoal drawings. I just kind of got caught up in staring at the above image just trying to decipher what I was seeing in my mind. Yahnker possesses a not only an impressive talent but a truly unique imagination.

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Eric Yahnker

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Yes, the work of Eric Yahnker is undeniably strange. This much is true. After the initial weird out has happened it begins to sink in that works like the pieces shown above were actually created in graphite. That’s right, they were drawn. When that realization occurs, it’s hard not to deny some keen talent and a really amazing eye.

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