Cayetano Ferrer

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Cayetano Ferrer uses existing forms in order to engage in a dialog about the constant flux of the built, contemporary environment. Using inkjet prints on existing objects/architecture that reveal what these objects ultimately obscure, Ferrer exposes the relationship between the built and the rebuilt, surface and hidden, as well the delicate matter of history and memory as the present paves over the recent past in a bid to enrich economies. Ferrer’s work is a gentle push/pull between permanence and obsolescence, inviting consideration of evolution, mutation and modification in our relationship to our immediate environment.” – ThreeWalls Staff

Fascinating project.

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The Wilderness Downtown

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The Wilderness Downtown is an interactive video by Chris Milk that taps into Google Earth to give you a unique personal experience and interpretation of the song ‘We Used to Wait’ off of Arcade Fire’s latest album ‘The Suburbs’.

I recently heard Arcade Fire described at an advertising workshop as one of those bands that just ‘gets it’. What I think that referred to is their ability to understand that music is experiential and should be engaging. The digital environment should be embraced and used accordingly by musicians instead of being seen as a threat. Bravo for my favorite band.

Via The Denver Egotist.

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Twin Portal

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Konx-om-Pax gets totally trippy with this installation for an Optimo curated event at the Tramway with Nurse with Wound. Konx-om-Pax also created the sound as well as the video. Beautifully strange.

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Nokta is a self-initiated experimental project created by Onur Senturk. It is an an improvisation of organic pieces considering themes like power, chance and luck. It’s also very other-worldly, trippy as hell and super cool.

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Tapebox – Demonstration Reel

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This little video by Tapebox, a London-based animation duo comprised of Dan Hayhurst (audio) and Reuben Sutherland (visual) kind of tripped me out. I love the throwback reference to the zoetrope. I had to make one of those in college. Cool work indeed.

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