Alex Ziv

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Alex Ziv lives and works in San Francisco and is a recent graduate from SFAI. He recently participated in a group show hosted by Fecal Face titled Cigarettes, Phone Cards & Hip Hop Clothing and has updated his site with new works from the show. Ziv’s work draws heavily from pop culture and cartoons.

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Marco Zamora – Fecal Face Gallery

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Los Angeles based Artist Marco Zamora is currently exhibiting at the Fecal Face Gallery and his urban observations in watercolor and ink look especially striking in the gallery setting. I’d love to see the work in person but until I can afford a ticket west I will settle for the larger images at the Fecal Face Dot Gallery website.

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Dave Kinsey at Alice Gallery

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Dave Kinsey has put some photos up at Fecal Face of a show he did this summer in Italy and the paintings are just beautiful. His work has come so face and it is really stellar. I love his color palette and rendering style. His work just keeps getting better and it is a testament to the hard work he puts in. It makes me anxious to finally get into a house (which I am shopping for right now) so I have some space to start painting again.

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Aurel Schmidt

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Aurel Schmidt is a Canadian-born 23 year old artist based out of New York. Her work recently caught my eye because of the extreme detail in her paintings combined with her bizarre method of creating surreal landscapes and figures out of tiny illustrations of flies, insects, hair, rope, twine, bones, cigarette butts and other detritus. She uses pencil, paint and ink to create her strange compositions. It’s fascinating work that is hard to take your eyes off of. She has an interview at Fecal Face where you can learn more about her background and methods. If you want to see her work in a little more detail you can do that at Tiny Vices.

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