The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

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Alright, I am totally going to have to see this and you should too if you have ever worked anywhere near, in or around advertising which should pretty much encompass all of us in the creative industry, at least those of us who have had to work on a commercial project, so like I was sayin’ pretty much all of us. Ironically actually, I think Morgan Spurlock himself was once a graphic designer. So go figure.

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Darwin Deez – Constellations

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Artist: Darwin Deez
Song: Constellations
Label: Lucky Number

Directed by: Terri Timely
Production company: Colonel Blimp
Line Producer: David Lambert
DOP: Donovan Sell
Art Director: Jona Tochet
Make-up: Jennifer Dilon
Wardrobe: Samantha Williams
AD: Michael McDonald
Production Coordinator: Ryan Miller
Lighting: Joe Mendoza

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Dark Side of the Lens

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Good stuff by Astray Films.

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Today kids, it’s time to learn all about a hallucinogenic substance called ‘acid’.

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Jeff Hamada at Booooooom really wanted to share this short film stop motion video created by Kirsten Lepore. It really is a beautiful little bit of film and it’s so well done that you stop considering the technical difficulty of creating the animation mid-way through because it’s such an emotive piece of work. It’s a simple idea and story but how it’s accomplished really elevates it to the level of art. Beautiful.

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Gary Hecker – Vetran Foley Artist

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Gary Hecker started his career as a foley artist with the movie ‘Empire Strikes Back’ and has been going strong ever since. This short documentary features Hecker at work on a few different films where he shows and explains what it takes to a professional in a very unique niche of the entertainment industry.

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AFOL A Blocumentary

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It’s nice to run across a full format documentary on Vimeo and it’s even better when the subject matter is quirky and interesting. AFOL is a documentary that features a selection of AFOLs (Adult Fans Of LEGO) from the Pacific NorthWest sharing their passions and inspirations.

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I think many of us have been waiting since a trailer for this appeared some weeks/months back for the full version to hit the ‘netwaves’ and here it finally is. It’s a very well crafted short documentary.

“The film attempts to understand the essence of influence, what makes a person influential without taking a statistical or metric approach.

Written and Directed by Paul Rojanathara and Davis Johnson, the film is a Polaroid snapshot of New York influential creatives (advertising, design, fashion and entertainment) who are shaping today’s pop culture.

“Influencers” belongs to the new generation of short films, webdocs, which combine the documentary style and the online experience.”

More: influencersfilm.com

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Little White Lies: Tron Legacy

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Little White Lies has put it’s ‘Tron Legacy‘ issue on the stands and it looks like an extra fun issue. There are some very relevant ‘Tron-inspired’ topics in this issue including: Why Hollywood stars are right to be afraid of the virtual actor’, ‘What can cinema teach us about the look and feel of our future world?’ and ‘The inside story on the making of the original TRON.’

Personally, I have never laid hands on an actual copy of Little White Lies but I’ve been told it’s a really well put together publication. As a commemorative part of this issue you can also purchase a print of the cover at the Little White Lies shop.

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“35mm« is a shortfilm about cinema itself. We picked 35 of our favorite movies and tried to simplifly them as far as possible. The outcome is a 2 minute journey through the history of film.”

This is way awesome for a little fun group project. Art for art’s sake is where it’s at.

Concept / Layout: Sarah Biermann, Torsten Strer, Felix Meyer, Pascal Monaco
Animation: Felix Meyer, Pascal Monaco
Sound: Torsten Strer

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The Subway Time

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Li Dongzhen created this brilliant little piece of animation as a part of a student project for the Beijing Film Academy. Something tells me Dongzhen is going to find a job out of school.

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Koichiro Tsujikawa – Eyes

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Look deep into my eyes.

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The Raven

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“Chris Black possesses a power that could lead to the destruction of the current regime, and they will stop at nothing to destroy him. The chase is on as Chris runs for his life in this sci-fi thriller set in an alternate and futuristic Los Angeles.”

There has been a lot of buzz about this short lately. I think because it’s the kind of thing that is possible now in a world of digital creative when an ambitious group of people bands together with a menial budget to create something amazing. And that’s exactly what happened here and it’s impossible not to feel inspired by the effort.

Director : Ricardo de Montreuil
Producers: Ricardo de Montreuil & Eliz Eskeranli
Writers: Ricardo de Montreuil & Antonio Perez
Cinematographer: Andres Sanchez
Music by: Angelo Milli
Special Effects Supervisor: Aaron Burns
3D Modeling and Animation: Juan Somarriba and Francisco Concha
Visual Effects and Compositing: Ricardo de Montreuil
Editing: Ricardo de Montreuil
Color Correction: Santiago Padilla
Sound Design and Mixing: Martin Seltzer
Budget: $5k
Format: RED 1920×1080
Special thanks: Filmosonido, CO3 and Converse

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It Was On Earth That I Knew Joy

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‘It Was On Earth That I Knew Joy’ is the recent art film directed by Jean-Baptiste de Laubier and presented by the ever-inpiring Sixpack France. The film premiered on February 20th at the SCION Gallery in Los Angeles in an exhibition curated by Sixpack France. The trailer alone is a thought provoking bit of short film.

If you haven’t visited Sixpack France lately, now is a good time to do so. They have recently relaunched and stocked up with a really amazing new collection of apparel. I was and always have been a big fan of their t-shirts, especially considering the caliber of artists, designers and illustrators they work with but they are growing into an inspiring brand. I try to steer from being a free PR engine here but my admiration for what they do is sincere. They seem to have genuinely rooted their company in a passion for the arts and that’s an inspiring model for all of us in this business.

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Spike Jonze – Im Here

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As I am sure you have heard from numerous other blogs, Spike Jonze has directed a short film which recently aired at the Sundance Film Festival titled ‘I’m Here‘ (sorry my headline font conversion doesn’t allow apostrophes). The film is branded content for Absolut but it looks beautiful. If brands want to throw their weight behind genuine ‘art’ for a change and allow people to flex their brain muscles a little bit, I think that could be a good thing. Jonze really is incredible. His childlike vision and appreciation for ‘wonder’ always translates beautifully into his films.

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“I drift, half awake, half asleep. Moving through the city I recall but have never been to.”

This short film was made by Mustard Cuffins using a digital stills to create stop motion animation.

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The upcoming movie Kick-Ass looks like it could be a lot of fun but one of the lead characters, Hit Girl may leave you questioning (at least on a morale/spiritual level) if a movie like this is really signaling the final downfall of Western Society.

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“This will literally change the face of the motion picture industry” Mark Kermode

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