Taped Copies

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French is shreddin’ the gnar of my brain matter with his death metal-inspired pen and ink drawings. Rip it up and grind it brother.

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Come de Bouchony

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There is a lot of fun and colorful work on display at Côme de Bouchony. Following is the copy from the about section:

“Bonjour! I am a french graphic designer and art director who graduated first class degree in graphic design from Penninghen (Esag) in 2007, and directly founded his freelance practice in Paris, France. I also studied at Willem de Kooning Academie, in Rotterdam, Netherlands. I work on an eclectic range of projects mostly in music, cultural and media areas, includind print design like poster, books, identity, illustration, records sleeves, type design, but also motion design such as videos, clips, animations, titles. I’m a freelance mostly, for both commissions & collaborations.”

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Made in Photo

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There is just some seriously amazing photography at MadeinPhoto.fr. Seriously, you can spend a solid hour their just sifting through an archive of compelling images. Almost everything there is amazing. And yes, it is all oh-so-very French. By that I mean artistic and beautiful.

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