Sam Green: Updates

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Sam Green has been an influence in the past on my approach to illustration work. For a time I would work first in graphite and finish my imagery in Photoshop to create a soft look as is what I suspect Green does to generate his imagery. Green is the master of this approach though and he continues to evolve the style into even more rich and surreal imagery. He has recently updated his portfolio with more of the same goodness and a browse will no doubt yield a heavy dose of inspiration for those looking to break into the world of contemporary illustration.

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I am Gabz: Updates

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Grzegorz Domaradzki updates his portfolio with some new (and as could be expected) excellent illustration work. I really love how he translates his graphite drawings into digital illustrations and achieves a much more photographic look as an end result. His use of color and nuanced type is also very nice.

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Frank Magnotta: Again

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I rediscovered the work of Frank Magnotta today. There really is nothing like his graphite drawings. They are just strange, yet familiar and genuinely imaginative. The dimensional quality of his drawing is seriously impressive and it’s difficult to devise how exactly he goes about generating his unique images.

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Super Secret Pow Wow

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Super Secret Pow Wow is the drawing and illustration work of Britt Sanders who is ‘really good at drawing your girlfriend’. I think that last comment implies that Brit isn’t afraid of adding a little extra sex appeal to her work but he does it with some real style. I used to want to nut punch people in advertising who when wanting to have an impromptu meeting would decree ‘alright let’s pow wow’ now I want to nut punch people who say ‘well at the end of the day’ but I digress. I actually really like the tongue in cheek happening in the name ‘Super Secret Pow Wow’.

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William Crump

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Artist William Crump is a multi-faceted talent capable of collaging strange found object imagery as well as drawing some excellent graphite imagery all of which vibrates with a strange, soft yet psychedelic undertone.

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Melissa Cooke

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Artist Melissa Cooke answers the question as to just how detailed can you actually get with graphite? She does so with large stunning portraits that are spectacular in the attention paid to detail and the lifelike photographic resemblance of the sitter. There is no hiding the genuine talent required to produce such amazing images directly from mind to hand.

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Stuart Whitton

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West Wales School of the Arts graduate Stuart Whitton draws unique pencil portraits that incorporate textural elements while still observing the personality of the subject.

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Frank Magnotta

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You just kind of stare at the graphite drawings of artist Frank Magnotta and say to yourself, “Wow, that’s really amazing.”

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Brooks Shane Salzwedel

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Brooks Shane Salzwedel is an artist and accessories designer who lives and works in Los Angeles. He creates his unusual work by layering graphite, tape and resin. It gives his imagery a strange and dream-like misty effect that works perfectly with his nature inspired themes. You can also buy his wares at Shane On You.

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Eric Yahnker

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Yes, the work of Eric Yahnker is undeniably strange. This much is true. After the initial weird out has happened it begins to sink in that works like the pieces shown above were actually created in graphite. That’s right, they were drawn. When that realization occurs, it’s hard not to deny some keen talent and a really amazing eye.

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Zdzislaw Beksinski

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The pencil drawings of artist Zdzisław Beksiński are mind blowing. If you are wealthy and have money to burn on art, buy a drawing.

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Samuel Green

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Sam Green is responsible for some really beautiful illustrations. I have written about him before but he has put a few new pieces of work in his portfolio that are worth a browse. His work is really exceptional and just a lot of fun to look at.

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Wesley Burt

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I am really liking the deconstructive portrait graphite work from San Francisco artist Wesley Burt.

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