Julien Vallee

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French Canadian designer Julien Vallée has kept busy with his unique combination of design and hand generated dimensional typography. His titles for OFFF Paris bear his unmistakable mark and personality.

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Brazilian motion graphics artist and Director Cisma has released his surreal short film, “Handmade,” two years after making it. Cisma paid his dues at the notable Brazilian motion agency, Lobo.

Handmade is a “surrealistic short film that makes use of metaphors and unusual symbols to explain what one feels when one is in love.”

The film communicates primarily in metaphors and focuses on the relationship between a man and a woman. Color plays a key role as each scene is set by a hue that propels the drama as the story unfolds. The movie is comprised of surreal visuals that burrow their way into your subconscious. The effects are expertly executed and it is an accomplished work for a green filmmaker.

You can watch and download “Handmade” at the official move website.

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