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Anck is the work of 20-year-old (yeah, I know) Graphic Designer and Junior Art Director Renaud Futterer who currently works for HKI (Hellohikimori) design studio in Paris. As to be expected, it’s a slick website that starts out a little loud but there is some attractive work in the portfolio and considering Futterer’s age, nothing but amazing things will no doubt be pouring out of this young talent in the future. He is a member of the next generation of designer, illustrator, motion designer, 3D animator and web developer in the way that he can do all of the above and do them all very well. Guys like this make my old-ass sweat.

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Diesel Fragrance: Only the Brave

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I woke up to this in my email box this morning:

HelloHikimori™ develops a unique world for Diesel’s new fragrance: Only the Brave
The French creative studio (HKI)™ created a site that not only has all the process of doing Diesel’s latest product, but also has the creative input from different artists like Tofa, Nico Stumpo and Renascent, expressing their visions of force and courage, based on the concepts that “Only the Brave” was born. The site will also gain continuous inputs from artists all over the world, including Peter Jaworowski, Serial Cut, Tom Muller, LaundryMat , Michael Paul Young, Mr.doob, Jemma Hosteler,Suprb, eBoy, MWM ,Lapp Pro, NandoCosta, Combustion, Si Scott, Alex Trochut, Eric Carl.
Following the launching in Berlin, there will be a party on May 15th, in Paris.”

Wow, that is a lot of name-dropping going on there.

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