Daryl Feril

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Daryl Feril is based in¬†Bacolod City, Philippines where he hand renders some wonderful ink and watercolor illustrations inspired by flora and fauna. His self-initiated ‘brands in full bloom’ project integrates brands he felt worked with his specific style to communicate their ‘feminine mood yet still conserve the sophistication and identity of each brand’.

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Evan Hecox at Work

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Arkitip and Incase take you behind the scenes to get a look at Evan Hecox’s creative process in his Denver based art studio. Super awesome video.

The song playing is “Yerba Buena Bump” by Tommy Guerrero.

Via my brothers in arms (keep your pants on boys): Joyengine.

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Moonassi artist statement:
“I draw something I’d like to draw and I can draw well. I draw people because that’s what I’d like to talk about. I prefer to draw in a small scale as I wish to capture my everyday thoughts and feelings during a limited time of the day. If I think I want to touch you my drawing reflects that thought. I draw an act that I’m upsetting you if
I think I want to distress you.

The reason why these ephemeral and scattered thoughts are so significant for me is that I can see myself as a tiny fraction like those thoughts, and also I’m the collection of those fractions. I’m the mundane being, a sort of dust everywhere. I’m anyone or anything in anywhere. I want to sweep and gather all those tiny little fractions on paper so as not to be scattered.”

The drawings of Moonassi are absolutely divine. I could only imagine how a large series of them would look hanging in a gallery. Beautifully contemplative work.

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Brian Rea

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I love the simple drawn style of illustrator Brian Rea.

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Pomme Chan: Updates

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Pomme Chan updates with some really fresh typographical illustration work. There is some really great experimentation happening there coming straight out of the inkwell and right from the graphite tip.

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