Friends of Type

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There is some great typographic inspiration pumping through the feed at Friends of Type. Here is an excerpt pulled from their about section:

“Erik sent me a sweet sketch. I said, “you should post that!” He was like, “where?” So there you go. 8 hours later, at about 4am EST and 1am PST, we are Friends of Type.

We are, at the moment, alphabetically:

The site serves as a bit of a sketchbook, dialogue and archive of inspiration for all involved. You can never have too much inspiration when it comes to typography.

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Junkyard Dogs

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There is a nice cache of inspirational randomness including old adverts, movie posters, book covers and general strangeness in the Flickr pages of Junkyard Dogs. All of which is inspirational for the visually and creatively inclined.

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“In Thai, buamai translates to ‘are you bored?’ We created this site to become a massive image library (in due time) that would eventually kill time when we (or anyone) are bored. For now, the people posting images on Buamai is a closed collective, but we might open the flood gates in the future. So, if you are ever bored, click away! Buamai was created by Michael Paul Young.”

That’s Michael Paul Young from You Work For Them. It looks like a really cool site so far with a weird enough slant to make it interesting. I like the idea of keeping it tightly curated. Problem is that also requires a lot of selfless devotion. It will be interesting to see if they can keep it going. I hope they do because the WWFT/YWFT guys always have good ideas that are worth supporting.

We thank you for the new source of inspiration Michael.

Be warned, posters featuring boobs, banana gobbling women, swamp dogg and dragons ahead. That’s the right kind of warning if you ask me.

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I got an email from the people at Dripbook telling me a little about their site and after visiting I was really impressed with the quality of work on display there.

Here is the description of the site:
“Dripbook offers its worldwide community of professional visual artists the easiest, most stylish way to display, promote and distribute their portfolios online.”

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Smashing Magazine Bookcover Compilation

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Smashing Magazine has compiled an interesting collection of book covers for your inspiration. The list also includes the Shepard Fairey cover to 1984 that I blogged about earlier today.

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