ISO50 Store: Updates

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In case you missed it, ISO50 updated with some tasty new prints including some collaboration work with¬†Seth Haley (Com Truise). Scott Hansen’s work continues to inspire.

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Alex Cornell – Playboy Rebrand

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As a part of his MFA program, designer Alex Cornell who currently works with Scott Hansen at ISO50 took a swing at rebranding Playboy Magazine. He wanted to “strip away all of the trashiness and cheapness that has come to infect the pages of the current Playboy” and bring back the sophistication he believes the publication has lost from it’s early years. The end result was an attractive print project complete with a very nice logo mark. Alex sent me an email about the project a long time back and it was one of the many things that got lost in the shuffle between my responsibilities as an advertising AD, graphic designer for Ctt and blogger. My sincerest apologies to Alex. Excellent work.

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Tycho – Coastal Brake

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Scott Hansen A.K.A. ISO50 has made his latest 12″ Tycho album available for preorder in his online store. As always, the artwork and design for the album are beautiful. The first 50 are signed and numbered. Every copy comes with an alternate artwork poster.

I don’t have a record player but I just bought one anyway.

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ISO50 For Obama

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I had previously written about artist, musician and designer Scott Hansen being selected by the Obama campaign to contribute the next ‘Artists for Obama’ poster after Shepard Fairey and the poster was printed and put up for sale this week. You can purchase a limited edition print of the poster ‘here‘ at the official Obama website.

It’s interesting to note that where, Fairey’s work (and my own) work for Obama has been very ‘political’ drawing influence from WWII propaganda and Russian Constructivism, Hansen’s poster is very soft and human. It’s a sharp contrast to the now iconic poster Fairey created and portrays a totally different interpretation of Obama’s campaign and message.

You can read more about the poster along with a massive list of comments about it at IS050’s blog.

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New Tycho Single

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If you didn’t know already Scott Hansen, of ISO50 fame also produces music under the name Tycho. His music draws influence from Boards Of Canada but it is every bit his own and is always a good listen. Scott is inarguably one of the most talented designers out there right now and the album cover for his new single is fantastic. The single / b-side entitled “Adrift / From Home” will be out next Tuesday, May 27th, 2008. You can hear some samples below and read more on the always inspirational ISo50 blog.

1 Adrift
2 From Home

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ISO50 – Artists for Obama

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The official national Obama for President campaign has asked enormously popular graphic artist Scott Hansen A.K.A. ISO50 to design the next poster for the Artists for Obama program. The last poster was designed by Shepard Fairey and has already sold out long ago. There will be 5,000 posters printed at $70 a piece. It should hopefully help raise a nice little chunk of change for Obama. I think this is a brilliant idea on Obama’s behalf and it shows how in touch and intelligent his organizers really are.

Hansen has written on his blog that the poster was one of the largest files he has ever produced. The final Photoshop layered file weighed in at 2.77 gigabytes and nearly a thousand layers. That’s pretty mind boggling if you ask me. I think the biggest Photoshop file I ever produced was close to 2 gigs but I have never gone over that.

It’s great to see that he was so inspired to create something so spectacular on Obama’s behalf. I am excited to see it and I am also very happy to see the money will be going where it should, into the hands of the campaign where it can be used to help Obama gain the nomination this summer.

The poster should be available at Obama’s online store sometime later this week or next. It may also be available at ISO50. I will post more when the news breaks.

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ISO50 and Bucky

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Well, there has been some debate and backlash over the poster I created for Buckminster Fuller sharing some similarities to the work of Scott Hansen AKA ISO50. Scott’s work has always been a huge influence on me and my work. A lot of his imagery has been burned into my memory and I think is buried pretty deeply in my subconscious. A user left a comment today linking to the poster above comparing it to my own and I admit there are definitely some similarities. The embarrassing thing is, I hadn’t even seen that particular poster by ISO50 in quite a while.

I had an idea already in my mind of how I wanted to lay the Fuller poster out beforehand and I didn’t really know where I got the idea. It was just in my head. I used the strong diagonal lines as well to give the poster a forward direction to kind of help communicate the ‘progress’ Fuller stood for and also emphasize his upward gaze.

I have always liked the way Scott annotates his posters as well and I have started trying to do something similar on some of my recent posters by kind of signing off on them and numbering them in some way. It wasn’t until I saw the poster Hansen had done that I realized how close I was getting to the way he had done it on some of his own posters.

So, I am going to answer the call and do something totally different. I will pull the poster down and do an entirely new one sometime this week or later this week. When I am finished I will post the new one and you can have at it and see what you think. I am going to use the same vector image of Fuller along with the same colorway. I’ll just do a totally different layout. Then you can fire away and see what you think.

I just wanted to address this directly and nip it in the bud. I thought that would be the best way to handle it. I didn’t want to leave it out there for people to stew upon. I know how angry designers can get over things like this.

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James White

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James White is a talented designer from Halifax Canada. His work has been compared to Scott Hansen, AKA ISO50. Although I personally think his work is pretty original. He has multiple places to view his work although it doesn’t appear he has his own site yet. You can view his work on Flickr here and his skull sketch series here. The skull series is fantastic. I am a sucker for skulls.

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