James Jean: Process Rebus

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Hype Beast recently posted a great interview with one of my favorite artists and illustrators James Jean. The impetus for the interview is Jean’s latest book ‘Process Rebus’ but the interview dives in further to Jean’s process and philosophy.

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James Jean: Updates

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New and of course amazing work has been added to the heavy hitting portfolio of the artistic talent James Jean. His work is as inspiring as ever and you can now spend a healthy dose of time sifting through archives of his again amazing work. Wow. He is truly the real deal.

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James Jean New Website

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The remarkable talent that is James Jean has updated with a new website and filled his online store with some beautiful works of art. I am impressed by how much he has gone straight towards being a fine artist and deviated from just being an illustrator. Prepare to be inspired after sifting through his work. He is one of the best. This one is being filed under ‘art’.

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James Jean back in the saddle

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James Jean has launched a still rough site that is none-the-less chalk-full of really inspiring work. His mural for Prada is particularly fantastic. I have been following his work for some time now and he is definitely one worth keeping tabs on.

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