Jeff and Andy for Converse

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Our very own occasional blog poster, Jeffrey Bowman teamed up with his friend and fellow illustrator Andy J. Miller to do a little spontaneous window art for the Converse office in Glasgow. They both seem like a couple of really great and fun art loving guys. It’s strange how people drop in on this blog and via email now and then to write posts or just keep in touch but we never really get the chance to meet one another in person. It’s nice to see Jeff walking and talking and doing what he loves. I hope to get to shake his hand in person someday.

Great work and congratulations Jeff and Andy. Keep it up. The world needs more art.

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Mr Bowlegs

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Mr. Bowlegs is Jeffery Bowman. He is a multidiscipline visual designer who loves typography, science, space, print, music, shapes, color and apparently kittens. Mr. Bowlegs was founded in 2004 and has since worked for the likes of Nike, The BBC and Urban Outfitters.

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