Syndrome 2012 Reel

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Syndrome is still cranking out some truly stellar work after several years in the business. And for a business this finicky there is something to be said for that.

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Buck: Relaunch

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Powerhouse motion studio Buck relaunched last week with some spectacular new work. We spent nearly an hour last week just discussing and trying to figure out how they produced the above piece produced for Good Books. They are a huge source of inspiration to a lot of studios right now and have consistently cranked out stellar work.

…on a side note I apologize for the lack of posts lately. We are currently working on a big merger with our production studio and it’s been a little crazy lately on the ‘work’ side of things. I promise to get the ‘blog’ side back in business this week.

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Royale: Updates

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Production studio Royale has updated with a new site for the Holidays that includes some visually stunning motion design, animation, illustration and design work. There is no doubting the talent involved and from the pictures on the site, it looks like a very nice place to work.

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Ian Kim: Updates

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Illustrator and Motion Designer extraordinaire Ian Kim has updated with some slick and tasty new work. He’s always an inspiration and his latest doesn’t disappoint. It’s rare you see someone move through so many mediums with such equal ability to create exceptional visuals. He’s the genuine article.

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Thom Yorke Live DJ Set

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Thom York was filmed by Theo Jemison, Grace Oh, Arthur S. Mor and Alter laying the beat down at Theory LA on March 19th once again showcasing the outrageous talent that has kept Radiohead consistently at the top of my playlist going on well over a decade now.

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The Prime

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The Prime (Will Goodan) has updated with some heavily-stylized and eye-popping work primarily for motion.

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Updated portfolio from LA-based animator/illustrator/designer/Born Partner/Director Aaron Bjork. That is a lot of ‘/’.

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Motionographer and Graphic Designer, Will Goodan has updated with a new site and reel (which you can view above). You can see the rest of his work at the Prime.

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“Hello! I’m Eric Carl, a web/graphic designer and illustrator residing in Los Angeles. I currently work at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects as a web designer and instructor. I have a passion for art and design, its the truth. I have a certain affection for vintage illustration and advertising, particularly from the ’60s and ’70s when things got weird.”

I feel exactly the same way about the whole 60s and 70s thing.

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