Akos Major

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There is some drop dead gorgeous landscape photography that will make you pause and ponder in the portfolio of Akos Major.

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I have actually been to the location in the photograph above by Kevin Kunstadt and he somehow captured the entire mood and aura invoked by that place. The same can be said for all the rest of the images in his book.

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There are some quiet and contemplative moments happening in the Flickrstream of ‘Shtroxy‘. They are like little snippets from past memories or dreams. Some of them are light and some are dark. She has a great eye for composition and I would be curious is these are staged or just captured on the fly.

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Kim Holtermand: Deserted City

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Kim Høltermand sent in a new set of images titled ‘Deserted City.’ As always it’s a hauntingly beautiful series of images that are about a careful balance between positive and negative space. We are gushing fans of Høltermand’s beautiful work.

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Silvia Mogni

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Photographer Silvia Mogni is originally from Italy but currently resides in Zürich, Switzerland where she works as an architect. She has a glorious eye for capturing landscapes, scenes and textures that seem as though they are small slices from bigger dreams. She shoots with a nikon f65, a holga 120cfn and a polaroid spirit 600 c. She prefers film.

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Nicholas Hance McElroy

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Photographer Nicholas Hance McElroy has an eye for capturing some arresting scenes from quiet places around the world that I would guess most of us wouldn’t mind pausing for a moment to refresh the soul. The desaturation of his imagery enhances the contemplative aura of the scene.

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Lars Botten

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Lars Botten is primarily, well he is a fashion photographer but he is more dimensional than that. Not only does he have an amazing eye for his beautiful subjects, that eye occasionally wanders and captures the surrounding environment with just as much artistic care and consideration.

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Jeremy Kohm

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Photographer Jeremy Kohm got his start taking surf photos while living in Japan. Later he moved to Australia where he spent time studying at the Australian Centre for Photography. He now resides in Toronto where he stays busy shooting for both advertising and editorial projects. He is affiliate photographer for Fever Films.

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Anna Verlet

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The soft washed-out colors in the photographs of Anna Verlet almost move you toward feeling the environments captured in her images more than seeing them. She currently hails from Portland, Oregon and her exhibit “I Hear A New World” is currently on display at Stumptown Coffee (128 SW Third Ave) through March 30th. The show also features photographs by Anna Shelton & Daren Wilson.

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Kevin Cooley

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Brooklyn based photographer Kevin Cooley has a flair for making the world captured through his lens look ‘other worldly’. The stark color in his contemplative imagery equates to photographic art and his attention to craftsmanship insures a spectacular result.

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Alex Gaidouk

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Brooklyn based photographer Alex Gaidouk captures quiet contemplative moment of serenity that can lift you out of your present reality and put your somewhere, albeit momentarily as an observer, which is a unique gift.

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James Chronister

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You begin browsing the photographs of artist James Chronister and think, ‘well these are nice.’ Then you scroll down and read the title and description of the work and realize that you aren’t actually looking at photographs, you are looking at oil paintings. Then you really start to pay close attention because the detail is phenomenal.

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Christian Grund

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Photographer, Christian Grund has some beautiful images in his portfolio. He is accomplished at both portrait and landscape photography.

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Ryan McGinley

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I discovered photographer Ryan McGinley today while perusing Do It For the Fame (such a great blog) and was just amazed by his work. Both his choice of locations and how his models interact with the chosen environment make for such gorgeous images. There is something both psychedelic and serene happening simultaneously.

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Kate Kirkwood

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Dark, lyrical, brooding and poetic images fill the portfolio of the amazingly talented photographer Kate Kirkwood. Her unique view of the world comes through clearly in her stunningly beautiful images. Serious talent.

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Camil Tulcan

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Photographer Camil Tulcan has a very cinematic eye and is able to capture some really stunning moments that most people would never pause to witness.

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Mitch Dobrowner

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Mitch Dobrowner is a landscape photographer who has some absolutely gorgeous black and white imagery in his portfolio. The images are almost alien in their serene and subtle contrasts. He has somehow been able to capture the quiet stoicism of nature in a contemplative way that will make you want to get out from behind your computer and go explore. He also has some urban work that is equally alien and beautiful. It was impossible to choose an image that represents his body of work. I swear that every last image is a work of art. Serious talent and an amazing and wondrous eye.

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Vincent Fournier

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Vincent Fournier was born in Ouagadougou, Burkinafaso in 1970. He grew up in Britany, France and is currently based in Brussels. His recent series of photographs simply titled, ‘Space Project’ is really beautiful.

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