Like Minded Studio: Behance

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I stumbled upon Sydney based Like Minded Studio’s Behance portfolio today and it looks as though there might be a few bits of work there that I didn’t see at their website. Like Minded is headed by the exceptionally talented illustrative typographer Luca Ionescu whose work I have always admired.

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Like Minded Studio – Flickrfolio

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Stumbled across the Flickr page of Like Minded Studio today only to discover it was fully loaded with raw awesomeness. Good Lord do those boys know how to shine on the steez. Their work kicks ass. There I said it.

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Like Minded Studio

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The almighty Luca Ionescu sent me word of Like Minded Studio’s new website last night. I was pretty excited to even get an email from him, although all it contained was a link. I am a huge huge fan of his work and Like Minded’s portfolio does not disappoint. It was some of the best stuff I have surfed through in a while. I would love to be doing creative design like that for clients.

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