Other Scenes

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Michael Willis works ‘in and around’ London where he pulls together psychedelic collages from what I am guessing is found imagery from ‘in and around’ the internet.

What is it about collage these days that brings about such a spiritual catharsis? It’s popular now and I am guessing it will continue to be and if I can hazard one more guess the reason being that there is something special about pulling some kind of order out of the chaotic ocean of imagery that is now available to us as illustrators and designers. Personally, I love to pull together images off of blogs and out of Google to reassemble strange new imagery that pokes and prods at the pop art-laden section of our consumer brains.

Michael is very good at this and he adds a splash of bright color to heighten the reaction.

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Stamp Films

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London based Stamp Films makes films for commercials and music. What’s notable about this? Well…art direction, cinematography and a damn-good-looking finished product that is attracting attention from clients across the globe.

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Eoin Ryan

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A great grip of illustrations and animation by Irish illustrator Eoin Ryan who is based in London. Recent Clients include Wallpaper, GQ Magazine, New Scientist and Wired Magazine.

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Shotopop: Updates

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London based studio Shotopop have added a few new bits and pieces since I last dropped in. I not only like what they are doing, I like how they are doing it. They take a unique approach to every project and aren’t afraid to go out on a limb.

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London based design studio Sawdust has already uploaded some new work in this new year for mediaPro. It’s a simply designed, yet strikingly bold saddle stitched little diddy. Yum. Print.

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Alex Robbins

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Alex Robbins is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer who graduated from Camberwell College of Arts, London. In 2010 he was selected as an Art Directors Club Young Gun, and made their list of the 50 most influential creatives aged under 30.

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Felicia Honkasalo

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London based photographer Felicia Honkasalo offer us a strange sideglance of the quiet moments in between that happen in Northern Europe. It’s an atmosphere that is noticed only by a contemplative resident but would go unnoticed by the passing tourist.

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Stone and Spear

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Stone and Spear is the portfolio of London, UK based illustrator and designer Simon Cook. He primarily arranges simple, bold and colorful graphics with fun and sometimes retro photography. It’s a formula for a playful book of work.

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Timba Smits

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Melbourne born London based designer/illustrator Timba Smits is a self described lover of all things ‘vintage’ or ‘old-looking’ and he puts that inspiration to good use in his sometimes sexy vintage-inspired design and illustration work. He complements those illustration skills with some strong design work and an obviously good sense of humor.

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Dale Edwin Murray

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Dale Edwin Murray is an illustrator based in East London with a throwback 60’s style that makes his work a lot of fun to look at.

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Sea – New Website

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Classic design powerhouse Sea has updated with a new website and packed it with new projects. It’s also easier to view the work on their new site as it has now been cross referenced by ‘sector’. There is load of inspiration waiting to be discovered as Sea remains one of the finer design agencies in business today.

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Village Green

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London creative studio and workshop Village Green has made some beautiful things and just updated their website with some recent examples of their creations. They’ve worked for some big clients like Nike, Mtv and Becks.

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ZipporaLux is Boya Naomi Zippora Latumahina born and raised in the Netherlands but now residing in London. She is a photographer and graphic design student and she like cats and Hubble Space Telescope photos which led to this incredibly fun series of posters that you can purchase via her Etsy shop. How can you not like those posters? They’d make for a great conversation piece in any aspiring design studio.

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Ray Smith

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British illustrator Ray Smith is based in London where he is creating a number of interesting illustrations. Many of them mash together unusual elements within a contained composition that makes for a visually tense, highly detailed and juxtaposed visual.

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Martin Nicolausson: Updates

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London based designer/illustrator Martin Nicolausson has updated with some excellent new work including the above surreal landscapes making beautiful use of black and white.

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Hermione Hodgson

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Photographer Hermione Hodgson has a trendy urban eye and is also not afraid to be bold with her use of color which always plays a strong role in her compositions. She is an accomplished artist having worked with some of the UK’s best advertising agencies.

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Inventory Studio

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London based design consultancy (I like that ‘design consultancy’ [note to self: call Ctt a ‘design consultancy’]) Inventory Studio has updated with a new website and have also put a heap of new work in their portfolio.

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I have written about graphic designer Klas Ernflo before and there is always excellent work in his portfolio worth looking into. I didn’t realize however that he is also a very talented photographer and you can bear witness to that fact by visiting his Flickr-folio where he stores his image exploits. What a multidimensional talent.

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