Lucio Arese: Mimic

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Lucio Arese emailed this absolutely brain exploding insane experimental music video he cerated titled ‘Mimic’. The music was composed by Yu Miyashita.

“Shot into a cattle market, the film rides the verge between nonsense, random noise and organic, structured audiovisual events, enhancing the plastic clashes of a digital inserted foreground into an old and rusty environment.

Humorous, lunatic, cartoonish, nightmarish, Mimic is an attempt to reach a complete unity between music and motion picture in an epoch of violent changes.”

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Ametsub – Repeatedly

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There is a lot of interesting things at play here that meld music, 3D, architecture, editing and off the street footage into something that just kind of works.

Designed, directed and produced by Lucio Arese

Music by Ametsub

Album: The Nothings of the North (Mille Plateaux / MP301)

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