Micah Lidberg – Rise & Fall

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I got a really nice surprise in the mail a couple of weeks back from illustrator Micah Lidberg (we love getting nice things in the mail). I had a conversation a year or so back with illustrator Mario Hugo and he mentioned that Micah and is just a flat out awesome and enthusiastic guy. The book is called ‘Rise and Fall’ and is a long diorama illustration that folds out into a poster. You can purchase a copy from Nobrow Publishing here for $16 dollars. It’s a really beautifully printed little art piece that now sits happily on my desk.

Thanks Micah. You are awesome.

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Micah Lidberg: Updates

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Midwestern (yeah Midwest represent!) illustrator Micah Lidberg has updated with a new website and a few new pieces of work. From those I have spoken with, all I hear is how nice of a guy he is and how hard he works at what he does. I was told that he actually creates some of his illustrations at a very large scale and then shrinks them down to maintain all of the detail. I am not sure if that is exactly how he generates some of his detail-rich imagery, but nonetheless it is a party for the eyes.

I was given a signed print of his work from Hugo & Marie, and it is one of my favorite art prints. The colors in the print are gorgeous. It’s a shame we spend so much time looking at design and illustration online when in order to truly understand and feel it you really need to see it in print. The same can definitely be said for Micah’s work. When you do see his illustrations in print, they are much much more striking.

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Micah Lidberg

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There are a few new things in the portfolio of Micah Lidberg since I last dropped in. Always worth checking up on. Great work all around.

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Micah Lidberg Dino-Laser Vision

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I must admit to getting a little weary of the ‘I am a super style-conscious-hipster and even though I draw no better than a 5th grader, I know how to do it in a cool way’ thing that seems to be everywhere you look these days. However, when you throw in lightening bolt toting, eye laser shooting dinosaurs battling angry cloud faces, I guess my interest is piqued. So, with that said, if you think you might feel the same way I do, then you may want to check out the trippy artwork of Micah Lidberg.

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